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What Can Go Wrong if You Don’t Schedule Duct Cleaning in the Heating Season

Thursday, December 18th, 2014 by Lisa Pixley

“Can’t I just clean my ducts on my own?” This is a question we get asked often around the heating season, after we let homeowners know about the importance of cleaning the ducts. Ductwork can contain hidden contaminants which you cannot see with the naked eye, so it may be difficult to eliminate every single type of contaminant with a D-I-Y duct cleaning. Besides, professionals simply have a wider array of tools at their disposal, including high-pressure vacuums, soft brushes, and safe cleaning solutions.

If you don’t schedule regular heat duct cleaning in St. Paul, you risk a few different problems that can continue to occur throughout the heating season. Here’s what can go wrong if you don’t choose professionals for the job this year.

  • Family members with asthma or allergies can suffer. If you have family members that suffer from allergies or asthma, you’re not making the situation any better by delaying duct cleaning. Most ductwork contains some contaminants like dust, pollen, or pet dander, as well as living organisms like bacteria and viruses.
  • Mold growth may develop. Without thorough duct cleaning, you could subject your home to potential mold growth. Air conditioning and heating equipment can develop condensation, which can cause the air in the ducts to be even more humid than the air in your home. This means moisture can build up in the ductwork, allowing mold to develop and spores to spread into the air, leading to potential illness.
  • You may notice limited heating performance. The performance of your forced-air heater is contingent upon having a working set of ducts. Dirty ductwork can create friction which makes it harder for your heating equipment to operate properly.
  • You may spend more on your heating. Because your heater could have limited capabilities, the parts may begin to wear down fairly quickly, causing reduced efficiency/


If you’ve recently made renovations to your home, if family members suffer from allergies, or if you simply haven’t had anyone inspect your ducts in a while, call Alpha Air Corporation.

We’ll get your ducts back into top condition with our quality heat duct cleaning in St. Paul. Contact Us Today! 952.476.4144 or 1-866-PIXLEYS

The Benefits of Professional Fire Restoration Services

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 by Lisa Pixley

There are few disasters more distressing for a business than a fire in the workplace that causes a large amount of destruction. Along with all the stresses and potential losses a fire can cause, it also poses an expensive and time-consuming clean-up job and restoration process.

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about restoring the damage to the extensive ventilation system in your business yourself.

You can call for professional fire restoration in St. Paul, MN from Alpha Air Corporation. We also handle restoration for homes as well. Call Us Today! 952.476.4144 or 1-866-PIXLEYS

Why use professional fire restoration services

  • Insurance mandated: Restoration services are often mandated by insurance companies, and it will be your responsibility as business owner/homeowner to hire a company to handle the job. A professional restoration service will work closely with the insurance company to make the process of claim investigation and estimation go as speedily as possible.
  • Safety: Fire can create toxic hazards from chemicals that are left behind in the wreckage. Professionals know how to deal with these hazardous substances. Fire-damaged areas are also dangerous because of the risk of collapses and falling debris, which is not only dangerous but will lead to additional property damage. You want only the best-trained restorationists handling the work.
  • Clean-up of all types of fire damage: Fire can damage a building in multiple ways because of the different kinds of smoke and soot. The residues left behind—wet, dry, protein—all need special attention that only professionals can give.
  • Cleaned ducts: You want to make sure that when the work is completed that the restored ductwork does not still contain debris from the fire that could spread harmful particles through the air. With professional restoration, keeping the ductwork clean is the primary concern.

As an added benefit, our team at Alpha Air Corporation uses a special sanitizing agent for ductwork restoration that leaves behind no chemical residue or volatile compounds and will effectively eliminate odors. We are committed to doing the most thorough job possible for fire restoration in St. Paul, MN.

No one wants to have a major fire occur in their home or business, but should this misfortune happen to you, make sure to contact the finest professionals you can find for the restoration work that will help you rebuild your life.

Advantages of Commercial Mold Remediation

Friday, June 13th, 2014 by Lisa Pixley

One of the greatest threats to indoor air quality and building material, both in the commercial sphere and the residential sphere, is the growth of mold and microbacteria. These biological pollutants are especially problematic inside ventilation systems, where they can develop unseen and release toxic spores into the air that enters work spaces.

Mold growth can begin inside your business for a variety of reasons. If your building has suffered water damage, you should call for air quality specialists to look for mold growth as soon as possible. Problems with your HVAC system’s condensation drainage will lead to excess moisture that encourages mold development, and leaks in plumbing will contribute to the problem.

At the first indication of biological growth, call for commercial mold remediation in St. Paul, MN from Alpha Air Corporation. We will solve the trouble with the best technology available, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Mold remediation advantages

The health of your employees, customers, and clients is paramount to running a successful business. The dangers that mold presents to a workplace can be high, and include respiratory illnesses and flu- and cold-like symptoms. To maintain a workplace that is happy and healthy, you need to have any biological pollutants removed quickly and safely.

There’s also the issue of health codes. Excess mold in a building that could endanger the well-being of the people inside can be a health code violation, and that can mean a forcible shuttering of your business until the mold threat is removed. This isn’t a situation that you ever want to find your company facing.

There are some cosmetic advantages as well. Aside from dangerous spores, mold creates unpleasant musty smells that can make a workplace intolerable. Part of mold remediation is removing these repellant odors to return your business to its former condition.

Mold remediation for commercial space goes beyond simply removing the offending growth: professionals will locate the source of the growth and eliminate it so the problem does not return.

It’s vital that you hire commercial indoor air quality specialists to perform this task. Trained technicians familiar with commercial mold remediation in St. Paul, MN understand the needs of businesses, and will also have NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) and IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association) certification that will ensure you receive a thorough job to keep your business safe and up to code.

With Alpha Air Corporation, you have a guarantee of quality work. All our technicians have certification from the NADCA and the IAQA, and we approach our work with the professionalism that you expect as a business owner yourself. Contact us immediately if you suspect mold infestations in your workplace.

Why Are Commercial HVAC Systems Modular?

Friday, May 30th, 2014 by Lisa Pixley

At Alpha Air Corporation, we specialize in improving the air quality of homes and businesses through a variety of services. One of the most important—and complex—services we provide is work on the ventilation systems of commercial buildings, which includes duct cleaning and HVAC system decontamination.

Because of our extensive work with commercial cooling and heating, we often field questions from clients about them. One we hear often is, “Why are commercial systems modular?” Since residential HVAC systems almost always come as a single unit that hooks up to the ductwork, the commercial design of multiple modules seems a bit unusual. We’ll explain why commercial systems are designed this way.

Call us for service for your commercial air conditioning in St. Paul whenever you need cleaning, mold remediation, or restoration. We are proud members of the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association).

Why commercial systems are modular

One of the basic reasons that commercial systems are designed in separate modules is for easier construction and transportation. Some commercial HVAC systems are simply enormous; they have to be in order to cool down such large spaces with so many people. Making them modular allows for systems to be constructed and shipped in smaller parts.

In terms of the actual installation, modular systems allow for the job to go a piece at a time: this “phased installation” creates much less disruption or shutdowns, since the work must not all be done at the same time, but spaced out for greater convenience. A residential HVAC system can be installed in a few hours, and people don’t tend to worry about a “loss of business” in their homes. For a company, needing to close down for days during installation could be disastrous; phased installation removes this problem.

Modular systems allow for easy expansion as well. If a business adds on more space, or converts storage areas into offices and other work spaces, it will need a larger cooling load. Instead of purchasing and installing a new unit, a business can simply add on another 25-ton module to the current configuration.

Take good care of your commercial air conditioning in St. Paul, MN

A commercial AC must not only keep your customers, clients, and employees cool; it must also work without obstructions and the development of dust, dirt, or possibly worse contaminants. Schedule regular ductwork cleaning for your business’s HVAC system, and make sure that you only look to certified cleaners with a long history of working on commercial systems. The complexity of commercial HVAC makes them out of reach of residential cleaners.

Call Alpha Air Corporation today to schedule ventilation system cleaning for your business. We are also available 24 hours a day for emergency work.

3 Things You Need to Know About Mold Remediation

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 by Lisa Pixley

People do not like to think about the possibility of mold developing inside their homes, whether down in the basement, or hidden inside crawlspaces and ductwork. But mold growth is a major issue in modern homes, and removing it requires the work of specialists trained in mold remediation.

Here is a list of three things you should know about mold remediation and why it is necessary. For a team experienced and qualified to perform mold remediation in St. Paul, MN, make the call to Alpha Air Corporation today.

3 things to know about mold remediation

  1. Mold growth can start in any house: It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your home, mold can find ways inside. Unseen leaks in your plumbing are a common source for mold growth, and the residue from water damage is also a prime breeding ground. Perhaps the place where mold is most likely to take hold without you realizing it at first is inside your home’s ductwork, where trapped moisture allows mold and other bacteria to begin to grow.
  2. Mold remediation is important for your health: Mold presents a major threat to the quality of a home’s indoor air quality. The EPA links mold infestation to many ailments, including threatening respiratory illnesses; the situation is even worse among people with allergies. Among the more common health troubles from mold in ductwork are skin and eye-irritation, asthma, fever, nausea, and fatigue. You cannot allow molds to continue to grow in your home or its ductwork, but to effectively remove them requires the work of specialists with certification from the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) and the IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association).
  3. Mold can damage your home as well: The development of mold is not only a problem for your health; it can cause damage to your house. Mold eats through drywall rapidly, and it warps wood; if mold begins because of leaky pipes in walls and floors, it can lead to expensive damages. Mold also contributes to blocking up pipes and causing flooding. When you spot mold growth, it is often an indicator that you have water damage occurring elsewhere.

At Alpha Air Corporation, our mold remediation specialists are NADCA and IAQA-certified to make sure you receive the highest possible quality.

We back our St. Paul, MN residential mold remediation services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today to find out more about how we can eliminate these health hazards from your home.

Fire Damages Your Home in More Ways Than One

Sunday, January 12th, 2014 by Lisa Pixley

Nobody wants to think about the catastrophic effects of a home fire. The devastation and loss can cause immense trauma for any family. So people rarely want to think about the job of fire restoration, but this is a way to start to reclaim your home from the damage the fire inflicted.

At Alpha Air Corporation, we offer insurance-mandated fire restoration services that will remove the deposits throughout your ventilation system to help you get your home back as soon as possible. We have experience with residential and commercial fire restoration in St. Paul, MN, and we bring our years of experience to the job of restoring your home’s ventilation.

People are often unaware that the damage a fire inflicts on a home is not of a single type. Fire restoration experts must deal with more than one kind of damage when on the job. Here are the types of smoke and fire deposits that we deal with:

Wet residue

This is a side-effect of the dousing of the fire, either from the fire department or a sprinkler system. The water may stop the damage and danger from the fire, but it leaves behind a webby and smeary residue that is extremely hard to clean. The residue has a powerful and musty odor, which is often the most noticeable smell in the air after a fire.

Dry residue

Different materials burn at different rates and temperatures: wood, for example, has a high combustion rate and burns fast and at high temperatures. Burning highly combustible material leaves behind a dry smoke residue that is powdery and sooty. This is usually the easiest residue for fire restorationists to remove, although it requires a special dry-cleaning process and must be done before any wet cleaning begins.

Oily residue

This occurs because of grease fires, a burning oil furnace, or burning plastic. Oily residue resembles a smeary soot that is resistant to water-based cleaning. Not all home fires will have this kind of damage, fortunately.

Protein residue

The burning of some organic material—specifically meat and eggs—leaves behind this almost invisible residue. Even though you can’t see it, it can enter surfaces throughout your home and result in an extremely noxious odor and damage to paint and wood. This residue can only be eliminated through special cleaning.

Fire restoration is a specialized skill; you don’t want to try to clean up damage from a major fire on your own, since most of the byproducts of the fire resist standard cleaning. Contact St. Paul, MN fire restoration experts before you make any further clean-up attempts. Alpha Air Corporation can help you with our safe sanitizing agent that will leave no extra chemical residue behind after we’ve gotten rid of all the other residues from the fire.

How Do My Ducts Get Dirty?

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 by Lisa Pixley

In Minnesota, going without a heater is not an option—our winters are legendary. Going without a clean and efficient heater shouldn’t be an option either, but many people settle for this. We don’t want you to be one of those homeowners who have a furnace that strains just to blow around low quality air filled with dust and other pollutants. We’ll explain why ductwork gets dirty in the first place to help you better understand why they need cleaning.

Alpha Air Corporation has NADCA certified technicians on staff—that’s the National Air Duct Cleaners Association—so when it comes to St. Paul heater duct cleaning, we should be on the top of your list of contractors to hire.

So how why are my ducts getting dirty?

The most likely culprit for duct contamination is a clogged air filter. Furnaces and heat pumps use filters to trap debris that might damage the internal mechanisms. But filters also prevent those foreign particles from spreading through your ducts. If a filter is not changed regularly, it will get congested with dust and other debris, and dirt will start to build-up in the ducts. Make sure you change the filter once a month during the height of the heating season. If you don’t know how to, you can always hire us to change your filter.

If you’ve recently had construction projects done in your home, pieces of wood and plaster will probably get inside the ducts. It’s a good idea to have a check done on the ductwork after any major construction work to make sure this kind of debris hasn’t infiltrated your heater.

Now to a slightly unpleasant topic: mold and other bacterial contaminants. This is the sort of “dirty” you really don’t want to affect your ducts. Unfortunately, the warm and dark spaces of your ductwork make for a prime breeding growing for this kind of pollution if the ducts aren’t regularly maintained. The good news is that professional duct cleaners have methods that not only get rid of these pests, but keep them from returning.

If you have concerns about dust and dirt and anything else unwanted contaminating your ducts, you should schedule a cleaning before the winter starts. Alpha Air Corporation can do it for you: we not only clean ducts, we also sanitize and deodorize them. If you need mold remediation, we can get that done as well. Contact us now—we’re available 24/7—for your St. Paul heater duct cleaning.

Why Do You Have to Cut Into My Ducts In Order to Clean Them?

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 by Lisa Pixley

If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned before then it could come as a surprise when you learn that the technicians will actually have to cut into your ducts in order to properly clean them. At Alpha Air Corporation, we offer complete St Paul duct cleaning service and we often get asked why we have to cut into the ducts. Here is a quick explanation about why we have to do that and then give us a call if you would like to learn more about duct cleaning or to schedule service.

St Paul Duct Cleaning Service: Why Cut Into the Ducts?

When you call for St Paul duct cleaning service, your contractor will use powerful vacuums and cleaning equipment to thoroughly clean out every part of your home’s ducts. Without cutting holes in your ducts, the only point of access for our cleaning equipment would be through the registers in your rooms’ floors or ceilings. But there are still remote areas of your home’s ductwork that aren’t close to those registers. While our equipment is very powerful, even it won’t be able to reach those areas and remove the contaminants that might be there. For that reason, our technicians will customers holes in the ducts which will allow them to thoroughly clean out your home’s entire duct system.

After our technicians are done, they seal up the hoes that they cut so that no air can escape out through the holes.

How to Tell You Need St Paul Duct Cleaning Service

Most home’s ductwork is installed in the ceiling or under the floors which makes it hard to tell if there are any contaminants built up inside. There are a couple things to look for which could indicate that you need to have your ducts cleaned.

  • Strange odors – If you notice that when you run your air conditioning or heating system that it produces a foul odor, it could be from contaminants that are inside your ducts.
  • Aggravated allergies – If you see that you or any of your family members start to have more allergic reactions while they are in your home it could indicate that you have an excess of pollutants like pollen, dust, pet dander or insect dropping building up in your ducts.

Call the experts at Alpha Air Corporation if you need St Paul duct cleaning service.

St. Paul, MN Dryer Vent Cleaning Tip: How Do Dryer Fires Start?

Monday, May 6th, 2013 by Lisa Pixley

One of the most overlooked fire prevention tasks is having your dryer vent cleaned on a routine basis. Dryer fires occur about 15,000 times per year throughout the US, and this is often due to neglecting regular maintenance tasks. The combination of your dryer’s high temperatures and the production of lint during the drying cycle can produce a potentially dangerous situation. In this post, we’d like to address how dryer fires start. For excellent St. Paul, MN dryer vent cleaning service, call Alpha Air Corporation today!

When lint begins to accumulate on lint trap and lint trap screen, it results in airflow blockage and overheating. But lint isn’t the only danger. Your dryer vent system should be entirely inspect and cleaned on a regular basis. A significant amount of lint and debris can find its way into the ventilation ducts and this can force your dryer to operate at temperatures well outside the range it has been designed for. Also, check your manufacturer’s instructions or with your local professional about what you can put in your dryer. Certain items like athletic shoes and materials containing foam may pose an additional fire risk.

Fortunately, keeping your dryer in good shape requires only diligence and a little bit of professional help. Make sure you clean the lint screen after every drying cycle. The next step is hiring a professional to clean out your dryer vent system on a regular basis. This will not only prevent the risk of accidental fires, but also increase energy efficiency and drying performance. If you notice that your dryer becomes ineffective or it takes much longer to dry your clothes than it used to, those are both signs that you need professional care.

For St. Paul, MN dryer vent cleaning service, call the experts at Alpha Air Corporation today! 

St. Paul Duct Cleaning FAQ: Air Duct Cleaning Services

Monday, February 11th, 2013 by Lisa Pixley

If you use a ducted forced air distribution system in the process of heating and cooling your home then you know how evenly and efficiently such a system is able to do so. Unfortunately, many homeowners take advantage of their air duct systems without giving anything back. Air ducts require quality services to maintain their condition and performance levels just like any other home comfort system component. The Alpha Air Corporation wants to help you get the most out of your air duct system. Contact us today to schedule air duct cleaning in St. Paul.

Air duct cleaning service is a great way to ensure that your air duct system is capable of delivering heated and cooled air throughout your home as efficiently and effectively as possible. It can also help make your home a cleaner, healthier environment to live in. Ductwork systems, if not properly cared for, can have serious negative impacts on the indoor air quality in your home.

As your air ducts operate the air that they distribute can stir up pollutants in your home. When these pollutants become airborne they may bypass your air filters and work their way into your air duct systems. This allows them to be distributed throughout your entire home. If air ducts are damaged or torn the problem may be compounded. Dirty air ducts can reduce the efficiency with which your HVAC equipment operates, and accumulation of dirt and debris on that equipment can lead to damages.

If water is allowed to stagnate in your air ducts you could have a serious problem on your hands. Damp, dark spaces are known to foster biological pollutants. If you have dirty air ducts, combined with tears and moisture, you could have a real problem on your hands. It is a problem that only a professional air duct cleaning technician can help with. Our duct cleaning specialists have the skills, tools and training necessary to ensure that your duct cleaning services are completed properly.

Contact Alpha Air Corporation for more information about air duct cleaning in St. Paul today. We want to make your home more comfortable and a cleaner, healthier place to live. Call today to schedule service.