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Fire Restoration Services in Minneapolis by Alpha Air Corporation

A potential house or building fire is a real threat for any homeowner or business in the Minneapolis area. In addition, it can also be a time–consuming and costly endeavor to replace destroyed property and repair the damages. At Alpha Air Corporation, we know how difficult this situation can be, and that’s why we want to help you clean up your home or business property. We offer commercial, industrial and residential fire restoration services for your home or business’s ventilation system. Give us a call today to learn about how we can help you get your business, your home and your life back on track.

How Commercial and Residential Fire Restoration Works

Before you start to clean up, you should call for fire restoration services. Alpha Air Corporation offers insurance–mandated fire restoration services specifically for your home’s ventilation system. We use special equipment and cleaners to remove soot and smoke deposits throughout your ventilation system. Our certified technicians have years of experience offering fire restoration services throughout the Minneapolis area.

Types of Smoke and Fire Damage

Different types of fires produce different types of smoke and soot. Each one requires special care and attention to clean and remove. Here are a few of the common types of deposits left by smoke.

  • Wet residue — If you’ve ever been camping and woken up in the morning to a low fire that smolders, then you know the kind of fire that produces wet smoke residue. This is a sticky, webby kind of soot that is very difficult to clean.
  • Dry residue — This type of soot deposit is from fires that burn fast and hot. It is typically a fine powder.
  • Protein residue — This is an almost undetectable film that causes paint and wood furniture to change colors.

Benefits of Professional Fire Restoration in Minneapolis

  • Reduced risk of further damage — After a fire, your home is in a delicate state. When you have a professional fire restoration technician working in your home, you know that they will make sure not to cause further damage.
  • Cleaned ducts — Without the proper equipment or training, your ductwork may continue to circulate the harmful substances contained in fire smoke.
  • Insurance — Some insurance companies require that you use a professional contractor to remediate the fire damage in your home. Alpha Air Corporation is able to do that for your home in Minneapolis, MN.

Minneapolis Fire Restoration Cleaning and Sanitizing Agent

While some companies might use harmful chemicals or gasses to clean your home, the sanitizing agent that we use is completely harmless. Here are a few of the benefits to our specific sanitizer:

  • Leaves no chemical residue or volatile compounds after treatment
  • It is effective in both residential and commercial applications
  • Has a low EPA–assigned toxicity category (Category 3)
  • Eliminates odors instead of just covering them up

If you’re interested in working with a fire restoration company that is committed to excellence, fast service and friendly customer service, then call Alpha Air Corporation today. We are a family owned business and are proud to work with our customers in the Minneapolis area. Our fire restoration technicians are highly trained and highly skilled.

Alpha Air Corporation serves the surrounding Minneapolis area and offers commercial and industrial air duct cleaning including fire storation services. Give us a call today to schedule your next service appointment with us.