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3 Reasons to Leave Residential Duct Cleaning to the Pros

Friday, March 20th, 2015 by Lisa Pixley

If you, like countless other homeowners, distribute heated and cooled air throughout your home via a system of air ducts, then it is undoubtedly in your best interest to keep those air ducts  in fine working condition. This means more than just preventing air loss via leaks and poor sealing, though. It also means that you must keep your air ducts clean within. In order to do so, you absolutely must schedule your residential duct cleaning services in Twin Cities with a professional technician. Fortunately, that is as simple as picking up the phone and call upon the pros here at Alpha Air Corporation.

The first reason as to why you must schedule professional duct cleaning services is a simple matter of accessibility. As you well know, your air ducts are largely hidden from view. You cannot hope to access them on your own, at least not without risking damage to your system. Our technicians know how to get into your ductwork properly so that they can go about cleaning your system effectively.

Additionally, you must keep in mind the fact that specialized equipment must be used in the duct cleaning process. You cannot just pull the grill off a vent and stick a vaccuum nozzle therein: at least, not if you want to clean your air ducts with any sort of thoroughness or quality. Our team has the tools necessasry to free up any debris stuck on the surfaces of your air ducts and to remove it effectively. That way, you can know for certain that the only thing flowing through your system is clean, pure air.

Finally, our technicians know that different types of problems may develop within your ductwork. While dust and other debris can simply be removed, it may be necessary to sanitize your air ducts in order to protect you from the threat of biological pollutants. Our staff will clean up your ductwork effectively and meticulously, addressing whatever issues may be at hand. Different situations call for different solutions, after all.

When it comes to cleaning residential ductwork in the Twin Cities, Alpha Air Corporation is the company to call. We have the tools and training that we need to ensure that your ductwork is cleaned properly every step of the way. Don’t trust amateurs with a job that only skilled, trained professionals can handle.

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