Why Do You Have to Cut Into My Ducts In Order to Clean Them?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned before then it could come as a surprise when you learn that the technicians will actually have to cut into your ducts in order to properly clean them. At Alpha Air Corporation, we offer complete St Paul duct cleaning service and we often get asked why we have to cut into the ducts. Here is a quick explanation about why we have to do that and then give us a call if you would like to learn more about duct cleaning or to schedule service.

St Paul Duct Cleaning Service: Why Cut Into the Ducts?

When you call for St Paul duct cleaning service, your contractor will use powerful vacuums and cleaning equipment to thoroughly clean out every part of your home’s ducts. Without cutting holes in your ducts, the only point of access for our cleaning equipment would be through the registers in your rooms’ floors or ceilings. But there are still remote areas of your home’s ductwork that aren’t close to those registers. While our equipment is very powerful, even it won’t be able to reach those areas and remove the contaminants that might be there. For that reason, our technicians will customers holes in the ducts which will allow them to thoroughly clean out your home’s entire duct system.

After our technicians are done, they seal up the hoes that they cut so that no air can escape out through the holes.

How to Tell You Need St Paul Duct Cleaning Service

Most home’s ductwork is installed in the ceiling or under the floors which makes it hard to tell if there are any contaminants built up inside. There are a couple things to look for which could indicate that you need to have your ducts cleaned.

  • Strange odors – If you notice that when you run your air conditioning or heating system that it produces a foul odor, it could be from contaminants that are inside your ducts.
  • Aggravated allergies – If you see that you or any of your family members start to have more allergic reactions while they are in your home it could indicate that you have an excess of pollutants like pollen, dust, pet dander or insect dropping building up in your ducts.

Call the experts at Alpha Air Corporation if you need St Paul duct cleaning service.

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