How is Duct Cleaning Done?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Most homeowners don’t give much thought to how well their ducts are performing. But your ducts are actually one of the most important components of your air conditioning system. Make sure that you call the duct cleaning MN experts at Alpha Air Corporations. We have years of experience working with countless customers to help them get more comfortable cooling through duct cleaning. We put together a short explanation of how duct cleaning actually gets done. Give us a call if you’re having any issues with your ducts or your air conditioning system.

Why Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

We often get asked by our customers about why duct cleaning is important. As your air conditioning operates, it will pull in outside air which could be contaminated with pollen, insect parts and many other pollutants. Also, your home’s air can start to fill up with contaminants like chemicals from cleaning, dust, pet dander, smoke and many others. All of these contaminants can get caught in your home’s ductwork and get recirculated throughout your home.

Duct Cleaning MN: How it’s Done

While some homeowners regularly clean out the registers in their ceiling or floors that come from their AC system, there are still many feet of ductwork that is buried in your floors or ceilings. In order to reach the rest of your ductwork our duct cleaning MN experts will cut holes in your ducts and attach powerful commercial vacuums to the holes. This will allow them to remove the contaminants that might be hiding in the recesses of your ductwork. Once our technicians have thoroughly cleaned out your ducts, they will seal up the holes so that no air can leak out of them.

How to Tell if You Need the Duct Cleaning MN Experts at Alpha Air Corporation

Because your ducts are installed in your ceiling or under your floors, it can be hard to tell if they’re having any issues. But there are a couple things that you can look for which could indicate that your ducts are dirty and need cleaning.

  • More frequent allergy attacks
  • More dust
  • Noises coming from your ducts
  • Odors coming from your ducts

Call the duct cleaning MN technicians at Alpha Air Corporation today for all your air conditioning and duct services.