Common Air Duct Contaminants Found During Duct Cleaning

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Modern homes are built very air tight in an effort to increase their efficiency. While this is great to maximize efficiency, it can hurt your home’s air quality by allowing many different types of contaminants to build up in your home’s air and ducts. Here at Alpha Air Corporation, we offer complete air duct cleaning in Minneapolis, and so we wanted to share some of the most common contaminants that we come across during our duct cleaning visits.

Air Duct Cleaning in Minneapolis: Common Contaminants

As your air conditioning system operates, it will blow cool air throughout your whole duct system. As it does this, it will also pick up and carry a number of common contaminants with that air. Here are a few of the most common that we see.

  • Dust – Probably the most common contaminant in ducts is dust, which is primarily comprised of dead skin cells. During the winter when the air gets dry, you may see elevated dust levels because of dry skin.
  • Pet dander – If you have pets in your home then you should expect to see lots of pet dander in your ducts.
  • Pollen – During allergy seasons, pollen is a big problem. It can often get trapped in your ducts as well and continue to cause problems as your AC blows it around.
  • Construction debris – Surprisingly, many homes can have a lot of construction debris in them from when the ducts were installed. While this doesn’t have as much impact on air quality, it can certainly affect your home’s efficiency.
  • Insect droppings – During the summer when the weather is hot and humid, insect populations can start to grow—especially dust mites. Their droppings, which are huge allergy triggers, can  get caught in your ductwork and cause problems for your respiratory health.

If you’ve never had air duct cleaning in Minneapolis, make sure that you call the experts at Alpha Air Corporation right away.

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