Why Are Commercial HVAC Systems Modular?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

At Alpha Air Corporation, we specialize in improving the air quality of homes and businesses through a variety of services. One of the most important—and complex—services we provide is work on the ventilation systems of commercial buildings, which includes duct cleaning and HVAC system decontamination.

Because of our extensive work with commercial cooling and heating, we often field questions from clients about them. One we hear often is, “Why are commercial systems modular?” Since residential HVAC systems almost always come as a single unit that hooks up to the ductwork, the commercial design of multiple modules seems a bit unusual. We’ll explain why commercial systems are designed this way.

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Why commercial systems are modular

One of the basic reasons that commercial systems are designed in separate modules is for easier construction and transportation. Some commercial HVAC systems are simply enormous; they have to be in order to cool down such large spaces with so many people. Making them modular allows for systems to be constructed and shipped in smaller parts.

In terms of the actual installation, modular systems allow for the job to go a piece at a time: this “phased installation” creates much less disruption or shutdowns, since the work must not all be done at the same time, but spaced out for greater convenience. A residential HVAC system can be installed in a few hours, and people don’t tend to worry about a “loss of business” in their homes. For a company, needing to close down for days during installation could be disastrous; phased installation removes this problem.

Modular systems allow for easy expansion as well. If a business adds on more space, or converts storage areas into offices and other work spaces, it will need a larger cooling load. Instead of purchasing and installing a new unit, a business can simply add on another 25-ton module to the current configuration.

Take good care of your commercial air conditioning in St. Paul, MN

A commercial AC must not only keep your customers, clients, and employees cool; it must also work without obstructions and the development of dust, dirt, or possibly worse contaminants. Schedule regular ductwork cleaning for your business’s HVAC system, and make sure that you only look to certified cleaners with a long history of working on commercial systems. The complexity of commercial HVAC makes them out of reach of residential cleaners.

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