Advantages of Commercial Mold Remediation

Posted by Lisa Pixley

One of the greatest threats to indoor air quality and building material, both in the commercial sphere and the residential sphere, is the growth of mold and microbacteria. These biological pollutants are especially problematic inside ventilation systems, where they can develop unseen and release toxic spores into the air that enters work spaces.

Mold growth can begin inside your business for a variety of reasons. If your building has suffered water damage, you should call for air quality specialists to look for mold growth as soon as possible. Problems with your HVAC system’s condensation drainage will lead to excess moisture that encourages mold development, and leaks in plumbing will contribute to the problem.

At the first indication of biological growth, call for commercial mold remediation in St. Paul, MN from Alpha Air Corporation. We will solve the trouble with the best technology available, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Mold remediation advantages

The health of your employees, customers, and clients is paramount to running a successful business. The dangers that mold presents to a workplace can be high, and include respiratory illnesses and flu- and cold-like symptoms. To maintain a workplace that is happy and healthy, you need to have any biological pollutants removed quickly and safely.

There’s also the issue of health codes. Excess mold in a building that could endanger the well-being of the people inside can be a health code violation, and that can mean a forcible shuttering of your business until the mold threat is removed. This isn’t a situation that you ever want to find your company facing.

There are some cosmetic advantages as well. Aside from dangerous spores, mold creates unpleasant musty smells that can make a workplace intolerable. Part of mold remediation is removing these repellant odors to return your business to its former condition.

Mold remediation for commercial space goes beyond simply removing the offending growth: professionals will locate the source of the growth and eliminate it so the problem does not return.

It’s vital that you hire commercial indoor air quality specialists to perform this task. Trained technicians familiar with commercial mold remediation in St. Paul, MN understand the needs of businesses, and will also have NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) and IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association) certification that will ensure you receive a thorough job to keep your business safe and up to code.

With Alpha Air Corporation, you have a guarantee of quality work. All our technicians have certification from the NADCA and the IAQA, and we approach our work with the professionalism that you expect as a business owner yourself. Contact us immediately if you suspect mold infestations in your workplace.

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