The Benefits of Professional Fire Restoration Services

Posted by Lisa Pixley

There are few disasters more distressing for a business than a fire in the workplace that causes a large amount of destruction. Along with all the stresses and potential losses a fire can cause, it also poses an expensive and time-consuming clean-up job and restoration process.

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about restoring the damage to the extensive ventilation system in your business yourself.

You can call for professional fire restoration in St. Paul, MN from Alpha Air Corporation. We also handle restoration for homes as well. Call Us Today! 952.476.4144 or 1-866-PIXLEYS

Why use professional fire restoration services

  • Insurance mandated: Restoration services are often mandated by insurance companies, and it will be your responsibility as business owner/homeowner to hire a company to handle the job. A professional restoration service will work closely with the insurance company to make the process of claim investigation and estimation go as speedily as possible.
  • Safety: Fire can create toxic hazards from chemicals that are left behind in the wreckage. Professionals know how to deal with these hazardous substances. Fire-damaged areas are also dangerous because of the risk of collapses and falling debris, which is not only dangerous but will lead to additional property damage. You want only the best-trained restorationists handling the work.
  • Clean-up of all types of fire damage: Fire can damage a building in multiple ways because of the different kinds of smoke and soot. The residues left behind—wet, dry, protein—all need special attention that only professionals can give.
  • Cleaned ducts: You want to make sure that when the work is completed that the restored ductwork does not still contain debris from the fire that could spread harmful particles through the air. With professional restoration, keeping the ductwork clean is the primary concern.

As an added benefit, our team at Alpha Air Corporation uses a special sanitizing agent for ductwork restoration that leaves behind no chemical residue or volatile compounds and will effectively eliminate odors. We are committed to doing the most thorough job possible for fire restoration in St. Paul, MN.

No one wants to have a major fire occur in their home or business, but should this misfortune happen to you, make sure to contact the finest professionals you can find for the restoration work that will help you rebuild your life.

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