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Restoring Your Commercial HVAC System After a Fire

Monday, November 16th, 2015 by Lisa Pixley

The damage from a fire can lead to major structural issues in areas of your property that you can see. But when it comes to your health, it’s the areas of the property you cannot see that you need to worry about the most. Your heating and cooling ducts could hide smoke residue and other contaminants after a fire that could severely affect your health if left untreated. Call a fire restoration specialist today to get your heating and cooling ducts back to normal. (more…)

Why Does Fire Restoration Require a Professional?

Monday, October 13th, 2014 by Lisa Pixley

After a fire, it’s tough to figure out what steps are most vital in getting your life back on track. You’re ultimate goal is getting back home and returning to the way things once were. But if you go about this too quickly without the help of an expert, you may risk your safety and your family’s health.

In many situations like these, friends and family come together to help pick up the pieces. But only a fire restoration specialist knows how to tackle all of the different types of residue left behind by smoke and ensure the safety of your living space. Here are some of the reasons you should call a fire restoration expert before returning home.

  • Duct Cleaning: One of the most important parts of your home to restore after a fire is the ducts. You breathe in the air that circulates through your ducts day in and day out. And someone who is not trained in fire restoration simply does not have the tools to examine every portion of the ductwork and keep your air free of soot and smoke deposits that may not be visible to the untrained eye.
  • Insurance: Some insurance companies require that you hire a technician trained in fire restoration with the proper certifications to assess the damages and make the necessary repairs. Though everything may appear normal, your home may be at risk for sudden damages later on.
  • Safety: When a fire hits your home, you’re in a hurry to get it cleaned up. This is understandable, as a homeowner in this situation is shaken up and ready to get back to normal as soon as possible. However, someone who is anxious to clean as quickly as possible likely will not follow the proper safety procedures to ensure all hazardous materials are cleaned up and no one in the home is harmed in the process.

A professional contractor can get you back on your feet as soon as possible, and, more importantly, they can ensure that your home is a safe place to inhabit when you return. At Alpha Air Corporation, our experts only use sanitizing agents with no health risks, so that there is no toxicity or chemical residue left behind after cleanup and odors are eliminated.

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The Benefits of Professional Fire Restoration Services

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 by Lisa Pixley

There are few disasters more distressing for a business than a fire in the workplace that causes a large amount of destruction. Along with all the stresses and potential losses a fire can cause, it also poses an expensive and time-consuming clean-up job and restoration process.

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about restoring the damage to the extensive ventilation system in your business yourself.

You can call for professional fire restoration in St. Paul, MN from Alpha Air Corporation. We also handle restoration for homes as well. Call Us Today! 952.476.4144 or 1-866-PIXLEYS

Why use professional fire restoration services

  • Insurance mandated: Restoration services are often mandated by insurance companies, and it will be your responsibility as business owner/homeowner to hire a company to handle the job. A professional restoration service will work closely with the insurance company to make the process of claim investigation and estimation go as speedily as possible.
  • Safety: Fire can create toxic hazards from chemicals that are left behind in the wreckage. Professionals know how to deal with these hazardous substances. Fire-damaged areas are also dangerous because of the risk of collapses and falling debris, which is not only dangerous but will lead to additional property damage. You want only the best-trained restorationists handling the work.
  • Clean-up of all types of fire damage: Fire can damage a building in multiple ways because of the different kinds of smoke and soot. The residues left behind—wet, dry, protein—all need special attention that only professionals can give.
  • Cleaned ducts: You want to make sure that when the work is completed that the restored ductwork does not still contain debris from the fire that could spread harmful particles through the air. With professional restoration, keeping the ductwork clean is the primary concern.

As an added benefit, our team at Alpha Air Corporation uses a special sanitizing agent for ductwork restoration that leaves behind no chemical residue or volatile compounds and will effectively eliminate odors. We are committed to doing the most thorough job possible for fire restoration in St. Paul, MN.

No one wants to have a major fire occur in their home or business, but should this misfortune happen to you, make sure to contact the finest professionals you can find for the restoration work that will help you rebuild your life.

Fire Damages Your Home in More Ways Than One

Sunday, January 12th, 2014 by Lisa Pixley

Nobody wants to think about the catastrophic effects of a home fire. The devastation and loss can cause immense trauma for any family. So people rarely want to think about the job of fire restoration, but this is a way to start to reclaim your home from the damage the fire inflicted.

At Alpha Air Corporation, we offer insurance-mandated fire restoration services that will remove the deposits throughout your ventilation system to help you get your home back as soon as possible. We have experience with residential and commercial fire restoration in St. Paul, MN, and we bring our years of experience to the job of restoring your home’s ventilation.

People are often unaware that the damage a fire inflicts on a home is not of a single type. Fire restoration experts must deal with more than one kind of damage when on the job. Here are the types of smoke and fire deposits that we deal with:

Wet residue

This is a side-effect of the dousing of the fire, either from the fire department or a sprinkler system. The water may stop the damage and danger from the fire, but it leaves behind a webby and smeary residue that is extremely hard to clean. The residue has a powerful and musty odor, which is often the most noticeable smell in the air after a fire.

Dry residue

Different materials burn at different rates and temperatures: wood, for example, has a high combustion rate and burns fast and at high temperatures. Burning highly combustible material leaves behind a dry smoke residue that is powdery and sooty. This is usually the easiest residue for fire restorationists to remove, although it requires a special dry-cleaning process and must be done before any wet cleaning begins.

Oily residue

This occurs because of grease fires, a burning oil furnace, or burning plastic. Oily residue resembles a smeary soot that is resistant to water-based cleaning. Not all home fires will have this kind of damage, fortunately.

Protein residue

The burning of some organic material—specifically meat and eggs—leaves behind this almost invisible residue. Even though you can’t see it, it can enter surfaces throughout your home and result in an extremely noxious odor and damage to paint and wood. This residue can only be eliminated through special cleaning.

Fire restoration is a specialized skill; you don’t want to try to clean up damage from a major fire on your own, since most of the byproducts of the fire resist standard cleaning. Contact St. Paul, MN fire restoration experts before you make any further clean-up attempts. Alpha Air Corporation can help you with our safe sanitizing agent that will leave no extra chemical residue behind after we’ve gotten rid of all the other residues from the fire.

How Does Fire Restoration Work?

Monday, September 9th, 2013 by Lisa Pixley

When the unthinkable happens and fire damages or destroys your home, it’s hard to know what to do. You may have lost some very important pieces of your life and your house itself may have been devastated. A good insurance agent can help clear some of the hurdles and our patented Minnesota friendliness hopefully means sympathetic neighbors in towns like Bloomington, MN. Fire restoration represents a further big step towards getting your home back to the way it was (and returning some of your peace of mind). But how exactly does fire restoration work?

Do you need Bloomington, MN fire restoration services? Then call on Alpha Air Corporation!

It starts with an inspection from a trained fire damage specialist. Damage from a fire can come from many sources: smoke, heat, the actual fire itself, and water and chemicals used to put the fire out. A trained professional can identify each source of damage and determine how far the damage has spread, as well as anticipating the cost of possible repairs. This should include an accurate assessment of what damaged components can be cleaned and repaired, and what components need to be completely replaced.

From there, the fire restoration begins in earnest. The service technician’s move through the house step by step to repair or restore what was lost. Any material that can’t be repaired needs to be completely removed while keeping any salvageable parts of the house intact.  Soot and smoke residue needs to be cleaned up quickly before the soot becomes too difficult to remove. The servicemen must also remove the smoky smell form the house, which means identifying any residue causing the odor and removing it promptly. Waterlogged components such as carpet need to be cleaned up and dried before bacteria sets in. Once these things are covered, the restoration professional can rebuild removed components or repair existing ones, restoring your home to its former status.

Suffering from a fire is a terrible event, and when it happens, it helps to have a knowledgeable specialist on your side. Alpha Air Corporation provides advice and service you can rely on during a tough period like this. We’re on call 24/7 to serve homes throughout the Twin Cities area, including Bloomington, MN. Fire restoration needs to be a quick process, to prevent further damage and to get you back on your feet.

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