Restoring Your Commercial HVAC System After a Fire

Posted by Lisa Pixley

The damage from a fire can lead to major structural issues in areas of your property that you can see. But when it comes to your health, it’s the areas of the property you cannot see that you need to worry about the most. Your heating and cooling ducts could hide smoke residue and other contaminants after a fire that could severely affect your health if left untreated. Call a fire restoration specialist today to get your heating and cooling ducts back to normal.

What requires cleanup

Getting soot and ash out of the ducts is one of the most important things you can do after a fire. It’s important that you do not run your HVAC system until you have had the entire unit inspected and your air ducts restored. This means the coils of your AC, the ignition system, and the inside of the air ducts, which are likely full of smoke and fire damage, since the ducts serve as a path through which fire often moves in an attempt to reach a cooler area.

For insurance reasons, it’s important that you work with certified technicians to remove soot and ash as soon as possible. Breathing in the residue left behind in the HVAC system can cause irritation in the lungs, which is particularly hazardous for those with asthma, but can be just as harmful to those without preexisting conditions. Besides, the smell left behind when you run your HVAC system after a fire certainly won’t be pleasant.

Using the proper sanitizing agent

The type of sanitizing agent your technician uses in the ducts is key to proper cleanup and restoration. Some cleaning products can actually add to poor indoor air quality. Make sure that your technician uses a sanitizing agent that is EPA-approved for use in the air ducts, with no left-behind chemical residue. And only allow a certified technicians to work in your ducts. Attempting duct repair on your own may just allow pollutants to spread, worsening the indoor air quality even more.

Get in touch with your Minneapolis, MN indoor air quality specialists at Alpha Air Corporation for commercial HVAC system fire restoration services.

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