How Robotic Cameras Are Used to Inspect Your HVAC Systems

Posted by Lisa Pixley

When you call on a professional company to come to inspect the ductwork for your commercial building, many of them will conduct a simple visual check with a few lights moved around the ventilation shafts. There are far more advanced ways to handle HVAC system inspections today, so when you need to have the ventilation of your building given a thorough examination, call on a company that uses robotic camera technology to take on the job. You will receive a detailed look at your ventilation network that will make sure you know exactly what work needs to be done for the most energy efficiency HVAC system.

Alpha Air Corporation uses the most advanced equipment available for any HVAC system inspection in Minneapolis, MN that we do. Thanks to robotic camera inspection equipment, we can deliver comprehensive views of your ductwork’s integrity. If you feel that you are losing airflow or your building’s heating and cooling power is suffering, call us to take on the inspection work that will give you the answers you need.

Robotic camera inspections

What exactly are these miraculous robot cameras? They are inspection systems that can examine every section of your ductwork while eliminating the possible fallibilities of the human eye. These machines are capable of performing repeated motions the same way every time, and that allows them to scan over the entirety of a duct system without missing any spots. The robot cameras can also reach sections of ductwork that human technicians cannot.

The robots travel through the inside of the ducts, scanning and photographing as they move. The standard robot has two cameras, one forward and one aft. The forward camera records, while the aft camera helps with navigation. Thanks to the cameras, a technician can show a customer a real-time display of the complete ductwork system from the inside.

This robotic equipment reduces the amount of labor involved, since the job no longer requires a technician trying to access all of the outer area of the ductwork (which includes places impossible to reach without building material destruction). The robot simply travels on its way through the ductwork until finishing: a smooth and easy process that results in a complete view of the ventilation system that would otherwise be impossible.

With the robotic HVAC system inspection in Minneapolis, MN available from Alpha Air Corporation, you will have a complete assessment of the building’s ductwork before any job starts. You will have an easier time making the best decisions (with the expert guidance of our staff) about how to care for your HVAC system’s integrity.

Don’t allow your ducts to receive a substandard and fallible inspection: Call Alpha Air Corporation Today! 952.476.4144 or 1-866-PIXLEYS

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