Reasons to Schedule Dryer Vent Cleaning

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Here’s an intimidating statistic: according to studies by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, around 15,000 fires occurred in homes in 2010 alone because of clogged dryer vents. The air channels that exhaust the hot air from a dryer also carry lint fibers with them, and these fibers are highly flammable. If these vents remain clogged, the risk of a house fire starts to increase.

You don’t have to take that risk however: schedule regular dryer vent cleaning in St. Cloud from Alpha Air Corporation. We specialize in services that keep your air vents clean and home safe. We are certified members of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Call us today if more than a year has passed since you last had cleaner for your dryer vent.

Why you need to keep up with dryer vent cleaning

  • Fire safety: We’ve already brought out the frightening number of house fires that have occurred because the highly flammable fibers trapped inside a dryer vent ignited. This alone is reason enough for you to make sure that regular cleaning for the vent is on your annual “must do” checklist.
  • More efficient dryer: One of the basic steps in drying clothes is to always clean out the lint trap before running a load. If you don’t, your clothes will take far longer to dry. This applies to the dryer vent as well: if it becomes choked with obstructions, the dryer will have a harder time removing the moist air from inside. The high moisture level means clothes that stay damp and require a longer cycle to dry them out. This leads to immense energy waste; it isn’t good for your clothes, either. When you find that the dryer isn’t doing much “drying,” than it’s probably time to arrange for professional vent cleaning.
  • Longer equipment lifespan: When a dryer is forced to run longer and harder to dry your clothes, it will suffer from increased wear. This means you will run into more repair needs. It will also result in a short lifespan for the system. Laundry machines are expensive, and you don’t want to replace one unless it’s absolutely necessary, so keep the dryer vent clean so your clothes dryer can “breathe” properly and have a long life.

When you call for professional dryer vent cleaning in St. Cloud, MN, the technicians will inspect the whole venting system and use special brushes and vacuums to draw out all the lint from the vent, as well as any mold or mildew. With the right professionals on the job, you should have your home back to the way it was before in no time at all.

When it comes to dryer vent cleaning trust to the experience and certification of the team at Alpha Air Corporation. Call Us Today! 952.476.4144 or 1-866-PIXLEYS

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