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Can You Afford to Clean the Ducts?

Monday, November 30th, 2015 by Lisa Pixley

Air duct cleaning may help to improve the quality of the air you breathe, eliminating contaminants from the ducts that could continue to circulate throughout the air and make it easier for you to fall ill or exhibit the symptoms of asthma or severe allergies. But of course, any home service like this comes with a price. Can you afford professional duct cleaning service? (more…)

Unprofessional Duct Cleaning Is Just As Bad as No Duct Cleaning At All

Monday, November 23rd, 2015 by Lisa Pixley

If you call in an amateur to clean your ducts, you might as well have done nothing at all! Find out why it’s so important to call in an expert when you want duct cleaning done right in today’s guide, and learn how to tell the difference between a duct cleaning expert and a fraud. (more…)

Restoring Your Commercial HVAC System After a Fire

Monday, November 16th, 2015 by Lisa Pixley

The damage from a fire can lead to major structural issues in areas of your property that you can see. But when it comes to your health, it’s the areas of the property you cannot see that you need to worry about the most. Your heating and cooling ducts could hide smoke residue and other contaminants after a fire that could severely affect your health if left untreated. Call a fire restoration specialist today to get your heating and cooling ducts back to normal. (more…)

Could There Be Mold in My HVAC System?

Monday, November 9th, 2015 by Lisa Pixley

Mold is one of the biggest hindrances to good indoor air quality. And when there is mold in your home’s or business’s HVAC system, your blower fan can send it back to every room in the building. People with allergies and asthma suffer the most in these cases, but mold may affect even people without any preexisting conditions, leading to respiratory illness and a variety of symptoms. (more…)

3 Things You Should Know About Duct Cleaning

Monday, November 2nd, 2015 by Lisa Pixley

Many homeowners never think about the state of their ductwork. They aren’t in your direct view, so when you are cleaning the house you don’t give them a second thought. And while cleaning the ducts is something that only a professional should do, you may want to give it some consideration. Cleaning ductwork regularly may have a positive impact on your health and the well being of the people in your home or building. Here are a few more facts you should know about duct cleaning. (more…)