Can You Afford to Clean the Ducts?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Air duct cleaning may help to improve the quality of the air you breathe, eliminating contaminants from the ducts that could continue to circulate throughout the air and make it easier for you to fall ill or exhibit the symptoms of asthma or severe allergies. But of course, any home service like this comes with a price. Can you afford professional duct cleaning service?

Avoid duct cleaning scams

It may be tough to quote a price for duct cleaning without first completing a preliminary inspection of your ductwork. But there are scam artists out there who will try to lure you in by quoting a very low price for duct cleaning service. Upon arriving at a home, a “technician” may claim that the actual fee will be much larger than the initial quote due to unexpected issues within your ductwork.

When an advertisement in the newspaper says that the entire service can be completed for as low as $30, this is an unrealistic quote. The cost of cleaning an entire duct system will be more than this, and this is likely a scam to rope you into paying even more for an incomplete service. Hire duct cleaning professionals certified by an organization like NADCA, and the price will represent the quality of the work.

Remember the long-term benefits

Of course, air duct cleaning will come with a cost. But remember that the long-term benefits for your health and wellness, as well as the performance of your AC and heating systems, is worth the price.

Besides, in most cases, duct cleaning is not something that is necessary each and every year. Most residential customers see a difference in their air quality with duct cleaning every 1-3 years, unless they suspect mold growth or another urgent duct issue that requires prompt attention. No matter the price of the service, so many people say they notice an improvement in their air quality after duct cleaning service that has a significant impact on their well-being.

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