How Air Duct Cleaning Can Cut Your Heating Bills

Posted by Lisa Pixley

One of the main benefits of scheduling air duct cleaning with a professional technician is knowing that the ducts are free of many harmful contaminants that could transfer to the air you breathe. But did you know that it can also lower your bills? Learn how dirty ducts affect your monthly heating costs in this guide, and call a technician today to schedule an HVAC system inspection or duct cleaning services.

How dirty ducts affect your heating

Dirt and debris can build up in your ductwork and create difficulty for the air moving through it. Dirty ducts create friction, and the debris reduces the amount of space available within the ducts. So, as warm air attempts to move to the vents around the home, the dirt and debris slows the movement of the air, adding extra work for your heating system.

Your heating system was designed to heat a certain amount of space, and a reduction of space in the ducts makes its job a little harder. This creates extra work for the system, which can overwork the parts and force it to run into trouble, and it can also raise your bills. Cleaning out the ducts may lower your monthly heating bills, for more reasons than one.

Duct cleaning helps you in more ways than one

Typically, a duct cleaning service cannot begin until a technician has completed a full inspection of your heating system. Ductwork often has leaks that can amount to an air loss of 30% in the typical HVAC system, which means an addition to your monthly bills. Before cleaning out your ducts, a technician may alert you to holes and cracks in your ductwork so that you can schedule repairs that will save even more.

Routine duct cleaning from a NADCA-certified professional can lower your bills, keep you more comfortable, improve indoor air quality, and let you know about problems in your ducts. Call a local technician to learn more!

Alpha Air Corporation offers air duct cleaning to residents of Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding areas.

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