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How Do Things Get Caught In My Ducts?

Thursday, June 27th, 2013 by Lisa Pixley

Over time your ductwork can start to get clogged with a number of different types of contaminants. These contaminants can cause a number of different problems for your home. Here at Alpha Air Corporation we wanted to alert you to how those contaminants can get into your ducts in the first place, and why regular duct cleaning is so important.

Ductwork Contaminants

If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned then there could be a number of different contaminants crowding the space inside your ductwork including the following:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Bacteria
  • Construction debris

How Your Ductwork Gets Clogged

Pollutants can enter your ducts through a number of different means.

  • Poor installation – One of the most common ways that your ducts can get clogged is through poor installation. During the installation process sawdust, metal shavings, insulation fiberglass, dirt and even wood cuttings can get lodged in your ducts. Without Minneapolis duct cleaning those type of things will continue to clog your ducts and reduce the efficiency of your AC system.
  • Old age – As your ducts age they can start to crack and develop holes. Through those leaks different contaminants can get inside. Insects, rodents, dirt, pollen, smoke, exhaust and many other pollutants can get into your homes ductwork.
  • Lack of maintenance – If you’ve never scheduled Minneapolis duct cleaning then there is a good chance that your ducts are very dirty. Getting regular cleaning of your ducts is a great way to make sure that they aren’t leaking and that they aren’t filled with pollutants.

If you’re interested in learning more about Minneapolis duct cleaning just call the friendly specialists at Alpha Air Corporation.

Common Duct Contaminants in Your Home

Thursday, June 13th, 2013 by Lisa Pixley

Most air conditioning systems depend on a ducted forced air distribution system in order to circulate cooled air throughout your home. While this can be a very effective, efficient way to cool your home, air ducts systems are susceptible to certain problems. One of the most common issues that users of ducted forced air distribution systems encounter is the buildup of airborne pollutants in their air ducts. If you are concerned about such an issue in your home, you may want to consider scheduling professional St. Paul residential air duct cleaning service with Alpha Air Corporation. We have the tools and training necessary to improve cleanliness within your air ducts.

There are some very common contaminants that are often found within air ducts. A buildup of dust is at the top of this list. The issue with forced air distribution systems is that by blowing cool air into the rooms of your home they can also cause dust that has built up in that room to become airborne. Once it has, it can be pulled into return ducts and brought back into the system. From there it can work its way into your air conditioning components and cause performance issues, or it may become more widely distributed throughout your home. This proves that many factors, including the general cleanliness of your home, can have a serious impact of the air quality therein.

If your air ducts are damaged and have any tears or holes in them, it is also possible for vermin and insects to infiltrate the system. Even after the pest problem is dealt with there will often be traces of their presence left behind. Do not let nesting materials, fur, dander or other contaminants remaining in your air ducts make their way into your home and the air that you breathe. Schedule duct cleaning service with a qualified professional if you have had any issues with unwanted visitors in your air ducts.

To learn more about the St. Paul residential air duct cleaning services we offer, contact Alpha Air Corporation today. Our duct cleaning technicians are glad to answer all your questions. Call now for more details.

What to Look for in a Commercial Duct Cleaning Company in Minneapolis, MN

Thursday, June 13th, 2013 by Lisa Pixley

We know you have many choices when looking for a commercial or industrial duct cleaning company in the Minneapolis, MN area. At Alpha Air, we pride ourselves on bringing more than 30 years of experience in the industry as well as a staff of National Air Duct Cleaners Association certified technicians. Commercial services are a big undertaking and it’s important to trust that the technicians handling the job bring the highest level of customer service, technical expertise, and attention to detail.

Alpha Air offers a variety of services including exhaust duct cleaning, mold remediation, dryer vent cleaning, fire restoration, HVAC system inspections and much more. Whether you’re an apartment complex, shopping mall, movie theatre, industrial office, or warehouse, we come prepared with the equipment and experience to handle any job. Call us today to get an estimate or click here to see pictures and testimonials from satisfied commercial clients.

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Hire a Professional to Handle Your Minneapolis Duct Cleaning

Friday, June 7th, 2013 by Lisa Pixley

Having your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis not only keeps the system running effectively and efficiently but improves your indoor air quality. It’s important to call a professional who has the tools and training to properly clean your ducts. The certified technicians at Alpha Air use specialized equipment, like in the video below, to loosen any dirt and debris buildup on the inner surface of your ducts. Also, having any holes in the ductwork sealed or re-insulated will help keep them airtight and working as effectively as possible. Call Alpha Air today for more information or schedule service online!

Duct Cleaning In Your Home: Is It Really A Necessity?

Saturday, June 1st, 2013 by Lisa Pixley

This is a guest blog post courtesy of Wine Cellar Innovations.

We see lots of companies offering professional air duct cleaning and HVAC inspection services these days. But we also find ourselves asking if these services are really necessary. Some homeowners claim that duct cleaning hasn’t really been solidly shown to prevent health problems. There are also those who claim that this can be done through DIY steps, without the need for professional assistance. However these views should be properly considered in the light of home maintenance and care.

Indeed, much of the dirt in air ducts adheres to duct surfaces and do not necessarily enter the living space. Nonetheless, this also means that the growth of mold will also accelerate in your ducts, vents, and other metal components of your heating and cooling system. Mold growth will corrode your ducts and develop into a huge problem later on. Try envisioning the total breakdown of your expensive heating and cooling units. Worse if this would happen during times when heating or cooling facilities in the home are most needed, like say the winter season.

That’s not all. There is also a good chance that these ducts and vents can be infested by vermin. You may not be able to spot these pesky little critters with the naked eye. But they will surely leave a trail of destruction which will literally eat away at your systems. You cannot just remedy the problem using basic repair and maintenance methods which you probably picked up from the internet or the manual of some repair product or tool. Inexperience and lack of professional skills will most likely result in bigger maintenance problems in the future. That’s because in these cases, temporary stopgap solutions are never recommended. It’s especially true if you have special constructions in your home, like a wine cellar.

Wine cellars won’t be like any other room in your home. It’s imperative that the ideal storage conditions have to be maintained therein, 24/7. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels, particularly abrupt ones, will be deadly to the wine in your bottles. You will notice this when you pop one open and the wine comes out tasting extremely bitter. That’s because it has aged prematurely due to the accelerated breathing process in case of high temperatures or its uber slowness in case of low ones. This is why the most practical move you can make as a responsible homeowner is to solicit the right professional duct cleaning and HVAC inspection services. You may have to spend a little extra, but you are actually saving yourself a bundle in the long run!

Author: Cynette Montoya is a blogger for Wine Cellar Innovations, a wine storage manufacturer out of Cincinnati, Ohio. They create DIY wine racks along with custom wine cellar solutions. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.