Duct Cleaning In Your Home: Is It Really A Necessity?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

This is a guest blog post courtesy of Wine Cellar Innovations.

We see lots of companies offering professional air duct cleaning and HVAC inspection services these days. But we also find ourselves asking if these services are really necessary. Some homeowners claim that duct cleaning hasn’t really been solidly shown to prevent health problems. There are also those who claim that this can be done through DIY steps, without the need for professional assistance. However these views should be properly considered in the light of home maintenance and care.

Indeed, much of the dirt in air ducts adheres to duct surfaces and do not necessarily enter the living space. Nonetheless, this also means that the growth of mold will also accelerate in your ducts, vents, and other metal components of your heating and cooling system. Mold growth will corrode your ducts and develop into a huge problem later on. Try envisioning the total breakdown of your expensive heating and cooling units. Worse if this would happen during times when heating or cooling facilities in the home are most needed, like say the winter season.

That’s not all. There is also a good chance that these ducts and vents can be infested by vermin. You may not be able to spot these pesky little critters with the naked eye. But they will surely leave a trail of destruction which will literally eat away at your systems. You cannot just remedy the problem using basic repair and maintenance methods which you probably picked up from the internet or the manual of some repair product or tool. Inexperience and lack of professional skills will most likely result in bigger maintenance problems in the future. That’s because in these cases, temporary stopgap solutions are never recommended. It’s especially true if you have special constructions in your home, like a wine cellar.

Wine cellars won’t be like any other room in your home. It’s imperative that the ideal storage conditions have to be maintained therein, 24/7. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels, particularly abrupt ones, will be deadly to the wine in your bottles. You will notice this when you pop one open and the wine comes out tasting extremely bitter. That’s because it has aged prematurely due to the accelerated breathing process in case of high temperatures or its uber slowness in case of low ones. This is why the most practical move you can make as a responsible homeowner is to solicit the right professional duct cleaning and HVAC inspection services. You may have to spend a little extra, but you are actually saving yourself a bundle in the long run!

Author: Cynette Montoya is a blogger for Wine Cellar Innovations, a wine storage manufacturer out of Cincinnati, Ohio. They create DIY wine racks along with custom wine cellar solutions. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.