Common Duct Contaminants in Your Home

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Most air conditioning systems depend on a ducted forced air distribution system in order to circulate cooled air throughout your home. While this can be a very effective, efficient way to cool your home, air ducts systems are susceptible to certain problems. One of the most common issues that users of ducted forced air distribution systems encounter is the buildup of airborne pollutants in their air ducts. If you are concerned about such an issue in your home, you may want to consider scheduling professional St. Paul residential air duct cleaning service with Alpha Air Corporation. We have the tools and training necessary to improve cleanliness within your air ducts.

There are some very common contaminants that are often found within air ducts. A buildup of dust is at the top of this list. The issue with forced air distribution systems is that by blowing cool air into the rooms of your home they can also cause dust that has built up in that room to become airborne. Once it has, it can be pulled into return ducts and brought back into the system. From there it can work its way into your air conditioning components and cause performance issues, or it may become more widely distributed throughout your home. This proves that many factors, including the general cleanliness of your home, can have a serious impact of the air quality therein.

If your air ducts are damaged and have any tears or holes in them, it is also possible for vermin and insects to infiltrate the system. Even after the pest problem is dealt with there will often be traces of their presence left behind. Do not let nesting materials, fur, dander or other contaminants remaining in your air ducts make their way into your home and the air that you breathe. Schedule duct cleaning service with a qualified professional if you have had any issues with unwanted visitors in your air ducts.

To learn more about the St. Paul residential air duct cleaning services we offer, contact Alpha Air Corporation today. Our duct cleaning technicians are glad to answer all your questions. Call now for more details.