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Filter Change–Out Services in the Minneapolis Area by Alpha Air Corporation

If you have a commercial or industrial building in the Minneapolis area with a forced air heating or air conditioning system, then you most likely need filter change–out services. The air filter in your HVAC system is one of the most critical parts of your forced air system. This air filter normally sits in the return air duct where stale air from your building mixes with fresh air from the outside before going back into the furnace or air conditioning unit to be heated or cooled.

In large commercial systems, there are most likely multiple filters. These air filters aren’t used to improve the air quality in your business but rather to keep dust and dirt from building up on the moving parts inside your units.

Alpha Air Corporation serves the surrounding Minneapolis area and offers commercial and industrial duct cleaning including filter change–out services. Give us a call today to schedule your next service appointment.

The Importance of Changing the Filter in Your HVAC System in Minneapolis

Without proper maintenance, the filter in your building’s HVAC can wreak havoc on your equipment, the climate in your building and the efficiency of the system overall. Here are a few of the problems that can arise when the air filter is ignored.

  • Reduced efficiency — As the air filter collects more and more dust and dirt, it restricts the air flow through it. This causes your HVAC system to have to work harder to pull air in and push air out. This greatly reduces the efficiency of your system and can potentially lead to higher utility costs.
  • Reduced air flow — With a clogged filter, the flow of air from your air handlers to the inside of your building is diminished. This can lead to insufficient heat or cooling in your structure. The climate inside your building is critical to your success. When your employees, tenants or customers aren’t comfortable, it leaves a bad impression. That’s the last thing that you want for your business.
  • Increased mechanical wear — Another potential problem from a dirty filter is that your HVAC system could wear out quicker and require more repairs. Over time, your HVAC has to work harder to pull in air and distribute it. This is harder on your equipment and might lead to a shorter lifespan.

HVAC System Maintenance in Minneapolis for Your Business

With regular air duct cleaning visits from the certified professionals at Alpha Air Corporation, you won’t even have to worry about changing the air filters in the HVAC equipment at your business. Our technicians are highly trained and can change them for you during their scheduled visits. Not only does this take the burden off of you, there are a number of other benefits to regular duct maintenance as well.

  • Increased efficiency — When you have your air ducts and vents regularly cleaned and sanitized, it might be able to reduce the resistance that your ducts impose on the air traveling through them. Over time, dust, dirt and garbage can accumulate inside your ducts which can potentially impede the flow of air through the ducts.
  • Improved air quality — With the HVAC system sanitizing and deodorizing services from Alpha Air Corporation, we can remove potentially harmful biological threats to your employees, tenants and customers. Our duct cleaning services are designed to remove strange smells, bacteria, mold and mildew from your ductwork.

If you need filter change–out services for the HVAC system in your building, call the commercial duct experts at Alpha Air Corporation. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry offering high quality and reliable air duct cleaning services throughout the Minneapolis area. Call us today to find out more!