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HVAC Decontamination Services in Minneapolis

Most of us in the Minneapolis area spend a lot of time indoors. When we’re inside, we breathe in air that has been delivered to the room through a series of ducts. But most of never stop to think about the fact that as the air travels through the ducts, it picks up any kind of debris or contaminants that happen to be there. This is why air duct cleaning services are so critical.

The NADCA certified technicians at Alpha Air Corporation offers top quality HVAC decontamination services throughout the Minneapolis area for the entire duct system of your home or commercial or industrial building. Our HVAC duct cleaning services include heat ducts, AC ducts, bathroom exhaust vents and fume exhaust vents. Give the experts at Alpha Air Corporation a call today to learn more about the outstanding HVAC decontamination services that they offer!

HVAC Decontamination in Minneapolis

Over time, the ductwork in your residence or business begins to collect dirt, debris and sometimes even mold. This can happen in any duct system in your home or business: from your air ducts to the bathroom exhaust duct. When you call Alpha Air Corporation for air duct cleaning services, one of our technicians will first inspect your ductwork using a robotic camera. From that we can determine what type of duct cleaning we’ll need to do; we can also determine if your ducts are collapsed or pinched in any way. After that, we’ll remove the contaminants using special equipment to minimize disturbance of your home or office. Our certified technicians will also seal your ducts to make sure that as few contaminants as possible can penetrate your ductwork.

Are the Chemicals You Use During HVAC Decontamination Safe?

The air that travels through your ducts ends up in your rooms and, eventually, inside your lungs. That’s why we only use a sanitizing agent that is registered by the EPA for use in HVAC systems.

  • Does not leave an active chemical residue
  • Low toxicity category assigned by EPA (Category III)
  • Quickly degrades to non–volatile compounds
  • Effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms
  • Does not mask odors: it eliminates them
  • Removes odors from smoking, cooking and pets

What Gets Cleaned During HVAC Decontamination?

During a typical air duct cleaning visit to your home or commercial or industrial business in Minneapolis, Alpha Air Corporation will clean the entire duct system.

  • The trunk — These are the main air plenums that carry air from the air handler to the distribution ducts that actually connect to the register in your rooms.
  • The register vents — The registers are the rectangular opening in your ceiling and floor that let the air in. Dust and pollutants can get trapped in this area.
  • Bathroom exhausts — Your bathroom can produce a lot of moisture which is what mold needs to grow. At Alpha Air Corporation, we also clean your bathroom exhaust vents.
  • Exhaust vents — If your industrial business has special exhaust vents for harmful fumes or particles like saw dust or metal shavings, we can also clean these vents.

The Importance of HVAC Decontamination in Minneapolis

No matter where you live in the Minneapolis area, there are huge benefits to be reaped from having professional air duct cleaning services for your home or business.

  • Reduce mold growth — Mold reproduces by releasing spores into the air. These are often allergens and in high levels can actually be toxic. Mold needs moisture, oxygen and a food source to grow. Common sources of moisture are your shower, a humidifier in your furnace or the condensing coils in an air conditioning system. With air duct cleaning services from Alpha Air Corporation, we’ll vacuum out your duct system and change the filters which might be able to reduce the growth of mold. We’ll also clean out any mold that is in your ducts already.
  • Reduced allergens — With residential, commercial and industrial duct cleaning services from Alpha Air Corporation, we’ll use HEPA filters that can capture small allergens like pollen, pet dander and dust mites. This should be able to reduce the negative impact of allergies.
  • Reduced illnesses — The HEPA filters that Alpha Air Corporation uses during the air duct cleaning process can also potentially capture viruses. This might be able to keep the spread of illnesses to a minimum in your home or business in Minneapolis, MN.

Alpha Air Corporation serves the surrounding Minneapolis area and offers commercial and industrial duct cleaning including HVAC decontamination services. Contact us today to speak with one of our specialists about HVAC Decontamination and schedule your next service appointment with us.