Why You Cannot Afford to Skip Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Any commercial property, big or small, has a lot of needs to take care of in order to comply to local laws an regulations and to keep the place clean and pleasant. Because of this, you might miss out on some of the tasks that may not be required, by law, and that may not be easy to complete. Duct cleaning is one of those tasks.

The inside of your air ducts are hidden from sight (even if the outside of the ducts are out in the open). Because of this, you probably don’t think very often about the state of the inside of your ducts.

But they can be full of dust and debris that stop your air conditioner and your heater from performing the way it should. And they can also be responsible for poor indoor air quality in the building.

Duct Cleaning for Energy Efficiency

Air duct cleaning helps you to have a more efficient building if your air ducts are full of dust and debris. The debris in the ducts can slow down AC and heating performance because the friction makes it difficult for air to quickly reach the rooms of the building.

Dirty ducts can slow down AC performance and cause the parts of the system to wear down. And this means a lot of complaints for the building owner or manager.

Duct Cleaning for Health and Wellness

Duct cleaning is not really something that’s regulated by any official agency, barring complaints about smells or mold. but the ducts could be full of contaminants you are not even aware of. Things like mold and mildew don’t always make themselves known in your building and could remain hidden in the ducts for a long time.

In addition, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants in the ducts can make people sick. If you have employees, they might call out frequently, and you don’t want that to happen.

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