Air Duct Cleaning: It’s About More than Your Health

Posted by Lisa Pixley

When we get a call for air duct cleaning, it’s often because the homeowner or business owner is concerned about the indoor air quality. Low air quality inside of buildings is listed among the top health concerns by the Environmental Protection Agency. Depending on your location, the quality of the air inside of buildings could be a lot worse than the quality of the air outdoors.

Duct Cleaning and Health

Air duct cleaning helps to remove contaminants inside of the ducts, which may decrease symptoms of allergies and asthma. It could also help people with severe respiratory disorders or immune system disorders.

But Everyone Here Is Healthy

But maybe you haven’t noticed any problems with the air quality in your building. You’ve gone this long without air duct cleaning and haven’t experienced any problems, so why not wait a few more years?

Well, cleaning out your air ducts might be good for your health, but it’s also good for your wallet. Quality air duct cleaning can cost you, but the good it does for your AC system and heater will last you and help you out for the next several years.

Dirt Ducts and Efficiency

Dirty air ducts affect the energy efficiency of your HVAC system more than you might think. The extra debris lining the inside of your ducts can get severe until it actually reduces the amount of volume available inside of the ducts.

This creates friction that makes it harder for air to reach your home. This means more strain on your air conditioner and longer run times, which also leads to:

  • Higher bills, since your system is operating at full-speed for too long.
  • Poor performance, since it takes longer to get comfortable.
  • Problems with your system, which may become overworked and need repairs.

Call Alpha Air Corporation for air duct cleaning in Minneapolis, MN, and we’ll help you get the problem resolved. 

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