Can You Tell If a Duct Cleaning Company Is a Scam?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

We’ve been in the industry for many years, so we know exactly why so many people are hesitant to schedule air duct cleaning services, even when they really need them. Unfortunately, there have been many scam artists out there in the past hoping to make a quick buck off inexperienced people unclear on how the job is supposed to work.

We know it’s hard to trust someone who says they are not a scam artist, so check out Better Business Bureau A+ rating and see for yourself if we’re qualified to service your home. Otherwise, follow our guide, and hopefully you’ll be able to recognize whether you’re about to call a scam artist—or if one comes right up to your door.

Who Called Who?

If an air duct cleaning company you’ve never been in contact with calls you, or if a technician shows up to your door offering a special, you should be suspicious. Typically, they are hoping that the service call will be so convenient and the deal so good, you might not bother to look them up!

What’s Their Reputation Like?

We always recommend that you check with the Better Business Bureau before you make the call. If they are not accredited, do not call them! And if you cannot find them on BBB’s website, don’t assume it’s a fluke. It’s likely a fake business name created for the sole purpose of scamming unknowing customers.

What’s Their Price?

Proper, safe air duct cleaning takes a lot of time, skill, and high-tech equipment. And if it’s a good quality service, the pricing will match it. That $30 service might seem appealing, but it’s probably not 100% accurate.

Often, scam artists continue to upcharge you for “unexpected” repairs and other sudden repair or cleaning tasks they need to continue to do in your ducts. All the while, they may not be doing a good job at all, and we’ve heard of cases in which the techs were not cleaning at all. And improper cleaning can actually spread the germs and allergens around more!

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