Is It Time to Inspect Your Commercial HVAC System?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Your commercial HVAC system has served your building well so far. But a system breakdown when you least expect it can really affect the way your business operates. Besides, proper HVAC maintenance is key to efficiency. A clean, high-performance system can save your business a lot of money.

You can find out if your system needs a little work to run smoothly and clean and distribute air properly with an HVAC system inspection from a qualified technician. But how can you tell if your HVAC system needs an inspection?

The Air Quality Is Not Satisfactory

One big red flag about problems within your HVAC system is when the air quality is not up to standards. If people seem to complain about allergies or illness too frequently, you need to get the problem under control. And of course, someone should check out the ducts if there’s a foul odor coming from the vents when the air is on. A video camera inspection can help a technician determine if you need air duct cleaning.

You Pay Too Much

If you pay too much for heating and air conditioning on a monthly basis, especially if you notice a major increase in pricing, checking out the air ducts is a good idea. An HVAC system inspection may determine major obstructions in the ductwork or a thick buildup of dust lining the air ducts and contributing to poor performance and inefficiency.

The Building Does Not Cool Off Properly

Of course, if your building is not staying cool and comfortable, you should call out a technician. We especially recommend an HVAC system inspection if you notice that rooms or offices don’t cool or heat evenly and adjusting the dampers doesn’t help.

Contact Alpha Air Corporation today to get an HVAC system inspection in Minneapolis, MN and find out what’s going on in your building’s ducts today.

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