Why Cleaning the Air Ducts Is So Important in the Summertime

Posted by Lisa Pixley

At Alpha Air Corporation, we specialize in duct cleaning year round. Many people think about scheduling air duct cleaning in the spring, when allergy symptoms might start to act up, or in the fall or winter, as it starts to get chilly and they plan to stay indoors more often. But it’s just as important to schedule air duct cleaning in the summer. It may even save you money.

Duct Buildup Affects Energy Efficiency

One of the main reasons to schedule duct cleaning (at any time of year) is energy efficiency. Too much dirt and debris in the ducts makes your air conditioner work a lot less efficiently. The buildup of debris in the air ducts obstructs airflow. Air can no longer get straight through from the indoor air unit to the vents in the building, slowed by an excessive buildup restricting the volume in the pipes.

Friction slows down the air on its way to the space in your home or building. And that means that the air conditioner has to work harder, running for longer and using a lot more energy than it should.

Duct Cleaning for Summertime Savings and More

When you schedule duct cleaning with a qualified technician, they will use tools and techniques that are industry approved to get dirt and debris out without kicking up more dust and moving it into your home. That means better indoor air quality for you.

But also, it helps you to save! When the air has a direct route from air unit to home, you can save on:

  • Monthly bills – since your air conditioner needs less energy to run.
  • AC repairs – because a more efficient system is less likely to break down.
  • System replacement – because your air conditioner is less likely to become overworked when the ducts are clean.

Call Alpha Air Corporation for your indoor air quality and for energy efficiency in Minneapolis, MN. Schedule professional air duct cleaning today and notice a difference!

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