Don’t Have Central AC? Clean Your Air Ducts Today!

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Your air ducts are getting a bit of a break for the summer while you don’t need your heat and you rely on other methods to stay cool. Maybe you have window units, a portable AC, or just a ceiling fan for when the days are too warm.

But just because your central duct system is not in use, it doesn’t mean you should neglect to maintain it. In fact, now is the best time to clean your air ducts, with the help of qualified technicians!

Dust can still enter the ducts

Just because you’re not using your central heat, it does not mean your air ducts are left alone. Your ducts could be full of dust and debris, which can make your family members ill or aggravate allergy symptoms. But more dust can collect through the vents and into your ducts, or it can get kicked up with time.

You’re not using them

If it’s been several years since someone has cleaned your air ducts—or if you’ve never had them cleaned at all—now is the perfect time. If you don’t have central AC, you’re not using them anyway!

When winter comes around, you will have the doors and windows shut and the heater on, which may make your allergies really start to act up if your ducts are full of dust. But you won’t want to turn off the heater for many hours while you wait for someone to clean them! Schedule service now, while the time is right.

Your heater will work better

In the summer heat, it can be momentarily difficult to remember just how much you need your unit to work as efficiently as possible. A buildup of dust and debris blocks airflow from moving quickly into the home, which makes you feel less comfortable. Cleaning the ducts can save money for your winter bills and keep you warmer when you need it, not to mention the potential health benefits.

Call Alpha Air Corporation today to schedule air duct cleaning service with people you can trust in Minneapolis, MN.

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