Why Should You Clean Your Ducts for the Winter

Posted by Lisa Pixley

As any homeowner knows, dust gathers in a home a lot faster than we would like it to. Over the years, you might empty out the dust pan and dump out the vacuum cleaner bags hundreds of times, and yet there are still areas of the home that don’t get cleaned. Your air ducts deserve the same level of attention you would give any portion of your home, especially since so much of the air circulating through your home passes through the ducts. 

When you run your heating system this winter, how can you be sure that the air circulating through the ductwork is clean? In the winter time, dry and chilly air seems to bring illness with it. Any dust, dander, pollen, bacteria or mold is certainly no help, and these contaminants can be particularly troubling if someone in the home is afflicted with asthma or suffers from severe allergies. But with routine air cleaning from a professional technician, conditions inside of your ductwork improve dramatically.

Air Duct Cleaning Helps Systems Run Smoothly

Additionally, a clean set of ducts reduces the amount of friction as air passes through. This makes it easier for your heating system to warm the room, and the heater will not need to do so much work or use so much energy to raise the temperatures. Because your heater has to do less work, it helps to delay any inevitable repair needs for as long as possible. Clean ducts and regular maintenance can potentially help a heating system to stay around for longer than its expected lifespan.

Air duct cleaning may have the potential to lower bills and protect heating equipment for longer, but you should know that it’s no job for an amateur. A professional technician is the only one who should be cleaning your duct work, since an amateur job may miss spots and loosen debris, allowing it to circulate through your home even more.

Call Alpha Air Corporation for your winter air duct cleaning service in Minneapolis, MN. We want to ensure that you stay healthy and safe this upcoming winter season.