Smells Coming from the Ducts? It’s Time to Call a Professional

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Don’t let strange odors from the ducts stop you from taking advantage of the comfort of your whole-home heating system this winter. Professional air duct cleaning companies with technicians certified by NADCA (the National Air Duct Cleaners Association) are waiting for your call. This can be a tough issue for a standard AC and heating technician to deal with, but a specialist can inspect the HVAC system and help you get the proper services to find relief. Learn more about odors in ductwork from today’s post!

So what’s wrong with the ducts?

Unfortunately, without peering inside of your ducts, we have little way of knowing what’s in your ductwork. Homes can have quite complex ducts, and there are ways for dust and debris, mold, and even small critters to enter. We hope it’s no big deal, but no that some potential duct contaminants can lead to illness, which is why we recommend routine duct cleaning every few years.

Animal urine or even tiny dead animals in the ductwork are a common source of smelly ductwork, but don’t try to remove these on your own. Disease is a very real threat with this type of issue. Mold and mildew can result from the moisture on your air conditioner coil, so make sure you have a mold remediation specialist working on your ducts in case this is the issue.

What can you do about it?

We strongly recommend that you call a professional if you need to get the smell out of your ducts. Cleaning the ducts without professional experience is not an easy task. Even just accessing the ducts is hard enough. But if done incorrectly, you may actually make the problem worse because dust and debris may get kicked up and have a chance to recirculate in the air in your home.

Contact Alpha Air Corporation today to get services for your HVAC system in Minneapolis, MN, including duct cleaning and mold remediation!

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