How to Prevent Mold Growth

Posted by Lisa Pixley

When mold spores settle in damp areas, mold growth can run rampant, and you may end up with a major issue that can leave members of your family feeling ill. Mold can lead to allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and can even provoke symptoms in non-allergic people. Mold also causes damage to the surface that it grows on, and it will worsen over time. You should take measures against mold as soon as you notice a problem, but preventive action is always the best step.

What You Can Do

Your best defense against mold is taking the proper steps to prevent moisture. Moisture may develop for any of several reasons, and it’s important to control the moisture problem before or after mold develops.

  • Dry moisture as soon as it appears – As soon as you notice moisture in the home, be sure to dry it out completely right away. Call a mold remediation expert if you suspect a problem.
  • Keep the air conditioner maintained – The indoor air handler of your air conditioning system may develop moisture easily as condensation forms on the coil during the cooling process. Make sure the condensate drain is clean so that water has somewhere to drain.
  • Reduce humidity – High levels of moisture in the air allow water to settle, increasing the risk of mold growth. Use a dehumidifier or run your air conditioner to decrease humidity in your home.
  • Use the bathroom fan and run vents for appliances – Clothes dryers and stoves produce water vapor unless vented to the outside. You should also be sure to use bathroom fans when showering (or open a window, at the least).
  • Ventilate the home – Ventilate the home by opening windows and doors whenever possible.

Hire Mold Remediation Experts If You Discover a Problem

If you find that you have a mold problem in your home, be sure to call in professionals to find out how severe the issue is. Mold remediation involves more than just cleaning the area. You must determine the source of the issue (leaky pipes, humidity, etc.) so that you can address the problem, or it will only reoccur.

Call the mold remediation professionals at Alpha Air Corporation for comprehensive services in Minneapolis, MN. We will help resolve your mold problem and make sure you find the resources necessary to prevent such issues from happening in the future.

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