How to Keep the Air Clean in Your Workplace

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Have you heard the term “sick building syndrome?” This is a condition in which the people in a given building experience health issues that seem to be directly related to their time spent in the space. Although this is occasionally a short-term problem (resulting from nearby construction, for example), some building owners and managers must take aggressive steps toward keeping the air cleaner in the building and protecting the health of their employees.

Did you know that the air inside a building is often more polluted than the air outdoors? This is especially true of buildings that stay sealed up tightly and use a forced-air heating or air conditioning system. Learn more about what you can do to clean up the air in your workspace from our list.

  • Keep dining areas isolated – Keep the dining area away from the workspace and make sure that it stays clean to avoid infestation.
  • Establish a smoking policy – Make sure that you have a smoking policy in place that complies with local codes. Smokers should stay far away from any windows or building entrances.
  • Pay attention to any excess moisture – If you notice pooling moisture or a musty smell anywhere around the building, get the situation under control, and call a mold remediation specialist to find out whether you are dealing with a much larger problem.
  • Avoid products that can affect air quality – Make sure that any chemicals are stored properly, and avoid using products that are known to have a negative impact on anyone’s health.
  • Schedule commercial air duct cleaning – Contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen, dander and more may lurk in your ductwork, especially in a large commercial network of ducts. Commercial air duct cleaning rids the ductwork of pollutants so that your building occupants can breathe easy.

For more information on keeping the air in your workspace clean, or for commercial air duct cleaning in Minneapolis, MN, call Alpha Air Corporation today!

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