Renovating a Home or Business? Don’t Forget to Clean the Ducts!

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Renovating your property may be an exciting time, but as you will certainly notice, a lot of dust is created throughout the length of the project. The renovation process kicks up a lot of dust which can be a pain to clean up after. Confining dust to the area being worked on can be difficult, which is why professional air duct cleaning is often so important after a renovation.

There are many different types of contaminants that may exist inside of the ducts already. Dust, pollen, pet dander (and if you don’t have a pet, the previous owner may have), bacteria and even mold may be contained in your ductwork. Since the ductwork is responsible for delivering cool or warm air into your home, you may notice that your allergies seem to worsen when you run the AC or heater.

Think about it: if there is dust on the counter and on the ceiling fans, there is probably dust in the ducts. And during a renovation, even more dust gets thrown around, and some of this may end up in the ducts. You should keep the ducts covered up during a remodel, but this doesn’t ensure that contaminants will stay out. Besides, so much dust sticks around afterwards that dust is still likely to enter the ducts shortly after the renovation is complete.

Professional duct cleaning involves the use of high-quality equipment which can eliminate contaminants completely so that your family does not inhale them later on. Air duct cleaning is especially necessary if your home was renovated due to an asbestos issue, mold or lead paint removal. In these instances, the ductwork should be carefully inspected and cleaned by professionals only.

Call the air duct cleaning specialists at Alpha Air Corporation to rid your ducts of contaminants after a renovation or for a routine cleaning to improve the indoor air quality of your home in Minneapolis, MN.

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