Allergy Issues? It Could Be Mold

Posted by Lisa Pixley

You’ve probably heard about how dangerous a mold colonization can be. But could this possibly be an issue in your home? No matter how often you clean your home and even if you use an air cleaner, mold can still develop as long as there is any moisture around. Mold causes a number of issues for those with severe allergies or asthma, and even for people with no preexisting conditions whatsoever. Take a look at some of the symptoms, and call a specialist if you suspect an issue in your home at all.

Symptoms of Mold

Some of the symptoms you may notice from family members is repeated allergic reactions, recurring illnesses, or just frequent sneezing, coughing and irritation. Family members may complain of an itchy nose or throat, and in some cases a rash can develop. Severe reactions like difficulty breathing and asthma attacks are also a possibility, especially with prolonged exposure.

You may also be able to recognize some signs around the house if mold is an issue. Wet spots on walls or ceilings should be checked as soon as possible, and you should clean up any major leak or spillage immediately. Get your HVAC equipment checked each year for any potential leaks, and schedule duct cleaning from time to time to be sure mold is not a problem for your ducts.

Hire a Mold Remediation Specialist

Getting rid of the mold as soon as possible is vital if you suspect that you have a problem. But even more important is finding someone qualified enough to make sure the issue is totally eliminated and help you find ways to avoid the problem in the future. A good mold remediation specialist will look to the source of the problem—a pipe leak or an air conditioning condensate drainage issue, for example—and help you to find ways to prevent the issue from occurring all over again.

Don’t risk your family’s health by neglecting air quality issues in your home. Call Alpha Air Corporation for mold remediation, air duct cleaning and more in the Minneapolis, MN area.

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