Can Air Duct Cleaning Help You Save Energy?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Duct cleaning is generally associated with improving the indoor air quality in a home or business. While it’s true that duct cleaning primarily helps to keep allergens, viruses and mold spores out of the building, it can also serve one additional purpose: many people notice that the efficiency of their forced-air heater or air conditioner actually improves as well. Take a look at why this is.

The ducts are an important part of your HVAC system

When an air conditioning or heating system goes bad, most people assume there is some problem with the mechanism itself. Few people would suspect that problems with the air ducts could actually lead to issues with the heating or cooling equipment.

But the AC and heating system in your home or business was designed to condition a certain amount of space. When this space is limited in anyway, the system may begin to struggle. With duct cleaning, the removal of large debris can clear space so that the air conditioner can effectively do its job. But so can getting rid of smaller particles.

Dust lining the air ducts creates friction, which makes it a little more difficult for the air to reach the room. This extra run time may result in higher energy costs, and it will also wear down the parts of your HVAC equipment faster. This means that parts may break down a little sooner than expected.

How duct cleaning can help

Professionals have tools that can suck out any debris and clear dust safely. This allows the AC to run more efficiently and keeps your air cleaner. Besides, a technician will tell you if there are holes or kinks in the ductwork that are forcing your AC equipment to work even harder. Call in a professional to make sure your ducts stay clean and clear.

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