Air Duct Cleaning Is Key To Getting Rid Of Mold In Your Home Or Business

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Mold can be a serious problem both in a home, and a business. Mold cannot only be damaging to your structure, but can cause a variety of serious health issues to the inhabitants, or workers in the location. If you have had a mold issue in your home, or business and dealt with the cause of the mold, as well as some important remediation– you should have also had your air ducts cleaned to prevent mold from growing back in vents and duct work. Because mold is pretty common in insulated, or bare metal ductwork, it is vital to make sure you have removed as many spores as possible from vents adn duct work to avoid this. Alpha Air Corp offers the best residential and commercial air duct cleaning in the Minneapolis area. Don’t let mold become an ongoing problem in your home, or business. Call today for a free estimate.

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