Save Money On Utilities Air Duct and Heating/Cooling System Cleaning This Winter!

Posted by Lisa Pixley

There is a lot of information out there helping home owners find ways to save energy and money on their steadily growing utility bills.  But, did you know that having your air duct vents and your heating and cooling systems inspected and cleaned could help drop your utility bills?  By having your air ducts, as well as your heating and cooling systems cleaned and inspected, you can improve your home’s overall energy efficiency, save money on utilities and give your system extra years of problem free operation.  Additionally, having your air ducts checked for leaks and sealing any found can also help with energy efficiency.

If your utility bills are getting hard to take, leaking air ducts, or over taxed heating and cooling systems could be a part of the problem.  Alpha Air Corp is proud to provide expert commercial and residential air duct cleaning to all our Minneapolis clients.  Call today to schedule a visit and see how clean heating and cooling systems and air ducts can save you money this Winter.