How is Minneapolis Air Duct Cleaning Done?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Forced air distribution systems are one of the most common options for circulating conditioned air throughout a home. When they are properly installed and professionally maintained, ductwork systems can be quite efficient and effective. There are, though, some problems that air ducts are susceptible to. If you have a buildup of dirt, debris or other pollutants within your air ducts, you may need to schedule professional Minneapolis air duct cleaning service. Contact Alpha Air Corporation today if you have any reason to believe that your air ducts are compromised in such a way. Only a skilled duct cleaning professional can ensure that your service is completed properly.

Using a household vacuum or trying to sweep out your air ducts is simply not enough if you need duct cleaning service. Only a qualified duct cleaning technician has the tools and training necessary to thoroughly clean your air ducts. First, any ports or doors must be opened in order to gain access to the entirety of your air duct system. Prior to the actual duct cleaning service, a thorough inspection of your ductwork should be completed. This will rule out the presence of any asbestos, the removal of which requires specialized services.

Next, a special vacuum should be used to clean out your air ducts. This vacuum should vent particles out of your home. If it vents inside your home, a HEPA filter should be used to protect your indoor air quality. You should always feel comfortable asking your duct cleaning technician any questions that you may have.

Specialized tools, brushes and agitators will be used to free and loosen any buildup of dirt and debris on the inner surfaces of your ductwork. In conjunction with vacuuming, this will ensure a thorough cleaning performance. Once the cleaning is completed, your duct cleaning technician should seal or re-insulate any holes in your air ducts to keep them as airtight and efficient as possible.

To learn more about the benefits of Minneapolis duct cleaning service and proper procedures, call the pros at Alpha Air Corporation. We can answer any questions you may have. You deserve to breathe the cleanest, purest air possible in your home.