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Commercial, Industrial and Residential Air Duct Cleaning in Brooklyn Center, MN

Do your eyes itch or get watery when you’re in your home? Are there strange odors coming from your duct system or have you noticed an increase in mold growth in your home? Contact Alpha Air Corporation today to schedule duct cleaning service in Brooklyn Center, MN today!

Air Duct Cleaning in Brooklyn Center, MN

Alpha Air Corporation has been working in the air duct cleaning services industry for over a decade. We work with commercial, industrial and residential clients throughout the Brooklyn Center, MN area. Regular duct cleaning has tremendous benefits for your home and business. Not only can it potentially improve the air quality in your home, it may also be able to increase the efficiency of your heating and AC system. Using high pressure air and power cleaning tools, we vacuum out dust, pollen, hair, dead skin cells and pet dander from your entire duct system including the moving parts of your furnace and AC system.

HVAC Decontamination in Brooklyn Center, MN

For biological contaminants like dust mites, bacteria and mold, Alpha Air Corporation also offers HVAC decontamination services for your business or home in Brooklyn Center, MN. We use a powerful, non–toxic sanitizing agent that is effective against a wide spectrum of microorganisms and leaves no chemical residue. For businesses in particular, regular duct cleaning can potentially protect you from legal action that is becoming more common. Give us a call today to learn more.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Brooklyn Center, MN

Most of us don’t think twice about lint. However, dryer vents clogged with lint cause over 15,000 home fires each year in the U.S. Over time, lint builds up inside your dryer’s exhaust vent to the point where it actually comes in contact with the heating element inside your dryer. Because lint is so flammable, it can quickly catch fire and threaten your home. Alpha Air Corporation offers fast and competitively priced dryer vent cleaning services in Brooklyn Center, MN. We can safely and hygienically remove the lint from your dryer’s vent and potentially reduce the chances of a house fire in your home.

Other Services Offered in Brooklyn Center, MN

  • Mold remediation – Many mold remediation companies show up at your home or business, remove the existing mold and then leave. At Alpha Air Corporation, we go one step further: we actually hunt down the source of the mold and eliminate that too so it doesn’t grow back.
  • Fire restoration – It can be devastating and frightening if a fire happens in your home or business. Even after the fire has been put out, damage can still be done during the clean–up process. That’s why you want a professional and experienced company to help restore the ductwork in your home or commercial business. Alpha Air Corporation offers insurance–mandated duct restoration services in Brooklyn Center, MN. Call us today.