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Commercial, Industrial and Residential Air Duct Cleaning in Saint Michael, MN

Services Offered in Saint Michael, MN by Alpha Air Corporation

  • Professional Duct Cleaning Services: The air ducts in your home, commercial or industrial properties are integral to the comfort levels in those buildings. Many people do not realize that they are just as important to the air quality in these structures and even have an impact on their health. If dirt, debris and other contaminants are allowed to get inside your ductwork system they can be circulated throughout the building along with the conditioned air they are intended for. Make sure that this does not happen to you by scheduling professional duct cleaning service. We’ll thoroughly clean your ducts to have you breathing better air in no time.
  • HVAC Decontamination Service: Sometimes duct cleaning alone cannot remove all the contaminants in your ductwork. If you have a problem with mold, viruses, bacteria or other biological pollutants in your home or commercial property you may need HVAC decontamination services to resolve the issue. Contact Alpha Air Corporation to learn more about how we can clean and sanitize your ductwork and HVAC equipment with our specialized tools and sanitation agent.

Don’t make any concessions when it comes to the quality of the air that you breathe and the safety with which you operate your HVAC equipment in Saint Michael, MN. With our 10+ years of experience we are fully prepared to handle any ventilation problem you can throw our way. Contact Alpha Air Corporation today to get the services you need to breathe easier and operate your industrial, commercial and residential HVAC systems with confidence.

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning Service: You wouldn’t leave a candle burning unattended in your home, would you? Then why leave the task of venting hot air outdoors to a dryer vent full of combustible lint? The lint trap in your dryer cannot capture all of the lint during operation of your dryer. When lint builds up in your dryer vent your home is at risk for a fire. Professional dryer vent cleaning can eliminate this risk. Call now to schedule service.
  • Mold Remediation: Mold is not something that any property owner ever wants to deal with. When mold problems develop, though, you must deal with them as quickly as possible. Our mold remediation services will allow you to use your air ducts without worry. Let us help you maintain a safer, cleaner property.
  • HVAC System Inspection: Some jobs require special tools. Our HVAC system inspection equipment allows us to inspect your system robotically. We’ll find out exactly what problems you have so you know just what must be done to fix them.

Alpha Air Corporation offers commercial and residential air duct cleaning in the surrounding Saint Michael, MN area. Give us a call today to speak with an air duct specialist and schedule your next service appointment with us.