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Commercial, Industrial and Residential Air Duct Cleaning in Champlin, MN

Is your home’s air quality suffering? Do your eyes itch or get watery when you’re at home? This could be a sign that your ducts are infected with mold or other allergens. Contact Alpha Air Corporation to schedule service in Champlin, MN today!

Air Duct Cleaning in Champlin, MN

Most people don’t think about what goes on in their ductwork. However, many types of allergens and other pollutants can accumulate in your ductwork. Alpha Air Corporation is a proud provider of top quality residential, commercial and industrial air duct cleaning services in Champlin, MN. We use high pressure air cleaners and vacuums to clean out not only your ducts but also the moving parts of your furnace and AC system. Give us a call today to learn more.

HVAC Decontamination in Champlin, MN

When it comes to biological contaminants in your ducts, like dust mites, bacteria and mold, you need a powerful sanitizing agent. Alpha Air Corporation offers residential and commercial HVAC decontamination services in Champlin, MN using a sanitizer that doesn’t leave chemical residue or volatile compounds in your ducts after treatment. But it’s still devastating to a wide range of microorganisms. For businesses in particular, this type of service may potentially help protect you from legal action resulting from poor air quality.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Champlin, MN

The threat of fire and reduced efficiency are two of the problems associated with dryer vent clogs. Over time, lint builds up in your dryer’s exhaust vent and can eventually come in contact with the heating element inside your dryer. Alpha Air Corporation offers dryer vent cleaning services throughout the Champlin, MN area. This might be able to reduce the chances that your home suffers a fire as a result of a clogged dryer vent.

Other Services Offered in Champlin, MN

  • Mold remediation – Mold can not only be an allergen but also in large enough quantities it can be toxic. That’s why Alpha Air Corporation cleans the mold from your home and also looks for the source and cause of the mold to eliminate it completely.
  • Fire restoration – Fire damage can take a long time to repair. Alpha Air Corporation uses specific technology to clean the ductwork in your home or business that has been damaged by fire and smoke.
Alpha Air Corporation offers commercial and residential air duct cleaning in Champlin, MN. Give us a call today to speak with an air duct specialist and schedule your next service appointment with us.