Why Are My Heater’s Ducts So Dirty?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Ducts help to distribute hot or cool air from a central HVAC system throughout your home. Once the heater creates the warn air, a blower sends it into your ducts, which move it throughout the home safely and efficiently. We see their use every day during our cold Minnesota winters, and in towns like Woodbury MN, heater duct cleaning becomes as much a part of home maintenance as vacuuming and changing the light bulbs. Ducts get dirty, after all, and if you don’t clean them then the very system that distributes heat throughout your home can spread dust and debris as well. “How do my ducts get dirty?” you ask. The answers say a lot about the need to keep them clean.

Dust gathers on any appliance, especially when it sits unused for a significant portion of the year. Minnesota summers are often hot and muggy, and we have little use for our heaters during that time. It’s easy for dust and debris to accrue in the system itself, as well as in the duct system. As air circulates throughout your home, it pulls dust along with it, distributing it throughout the ducts. Eventually, the build-up is so great it can affect your health: irritating your nose and throat, and triggering allergy attacks in those susceptible to them.

Dust and dirt build-up gets worse if you don’t change your heater’s air filters. They keep contaminants out of the system and reduce the frequency which you need a maintenance session for your heater. The frequency with which you should replace your filters varies – anywhere from once a month to twice a year – but should go up if you have a lot of pets or a family member who suffers from allergies.

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