How a Professional Cleans Ducts

Posted by Lisa Pixley

You should schedule duct cleaning in Minnesota annually. It only takes a year for dust, dirt, debris, and even less welcome contaminants to build up inside your home’s ductwork. If you leave the ducts without regular cleaning, it will lead to a negative impact on your indoor air quality, spread dust across your furnishings, and cause your HVAC system to work harder and wear down faster.

Duct cleaning should stay in the domain of professionals. You don’t have the tools or the access to your ducts that will allow you to clean them effectively—and neither will any amateur who offers to do the job for “a bargain” (it won’t be a bargain if your ducts receive damage and they get even dirtier because of it). Contact experienced duct cleaners like those at Alpha Air Corporation.

The professional way to clean your ducts

The contamination inside ductwork is both harder to reach and more difficult to cleanse than the dirt you encounter in places like your kitchen or bathroom. Professionals use a variety of special equipment to access the interior of the ducts and remove pollutants.

Two important pieces of equipment duct cleaners use are power vacuum systems and rotary brushes. The power vacuums are much more effective at drawing in dust and debris than any commercial system, and they use long hoses that can snake safely through your ducts. The vacuums place large sections of the air ducts under negative pressure, which helps dislodge contaminants. Rotary brushes connected to air compressors remove caked-in dirt from the walls of the ducts without damaging the ductwork itself. The brushes also run along lengthy cables to reach deep inside the ductwork system.

To make sure the ducts receive complete cleansing, professional duct cleaners use powerful deodorizers and sanitizers to eliminate bacteria and other growth. These special sanitizers take care of the pollutants without posing any danger to you or the rest of your household.

For serious cases of mold in the ducts—unfortunately a common problem in Minnesota—professionals will use UV germidical lights to eliminate the problem. These lamps destroy the cellular structure of bacteria using ultraviolet light. This also discourages the microbacteria from returning.

Leave it to Alpha Air Corporation

At Alpha Air Corporation, we are concerned about your indoor air quality. When you hire us to perform your annual duct cleaning, you can trust that we won’t use chemicals that will leave toxic hazards in your home. We use a special sanitizing agent with a low toxicity rating from the EPA (Category III) that contains no active chemical residue or volatile chemical to leave behind.

We take the same level of care with all parts of your duct cleaning. When you’re ready for cleaner living through cleaner ducts, contact Alpha Air Corporation today.

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