Why Do I Need Duct Cleaning?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

The ducts in your home or business do their job mostly out of your sight, hidden in walls, floors, and ceilings. Because you can’t see them, you probably won’t know when they become dirty… until the contamination begins to cause you difficulties. What problems can you run into because of dirty ductwork, and why should you schedule cleaning? We’ll go over the three main reasons to have your ducts regularly cleaned, starting with the most serious problem.

Duct cleaning requires professionals to handle, especially for commercial ductwork. If you think you need duct cleaning in MN, contact Alpha Air Corporation today.

Protect your indoor air quality

The EPA lists poor indoor air quality as one of the primary threats to health in the U.S. According to the EPA’s website, low quality indoor air can lead to “irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue” after only short-term exposure. More serious illnesses can result from continued exposure.

Contamination inside vents is a major source of reduction in a home’s air quality: dander, pollens, dust, and animal hair that gather in ducts are all allergens that will affect people in your home, regardless of whether they have allergies or not. One of the most worrisome of contaminants that can get into your ducts is mold. Microbacterial infestations are difficult to remove, and require professional assistance to remediate.

Improve the performance of your HVAC system

The furnace/heat pump/air conditioner hooked up to your ducts can suffer a reduction in effectiveness because of dirty ducts. A buildup of dust will clog up the filter, reducing the air flow and possibly leading to damage inside the unit. The dirtier an HVAC system becomes, the harder it will have to work, which will cause an increase in your power bills.

A cleaner home

Ducts that are filled with dusty contamination will continually blow those irritants around your home or workplace. Aside from polluting the air that you breathe, this dust will settle around the house or office. You’ll find that even the most thorough cleaning job will only keep the dust away for a few days. If you’ve noticed that the standard broom and vacuum aren’t doing the job, then it’s probably time for professional duct cleaning.

You need to take the cleanliness of your ductwork seriously; don’t take your ducts for granted just because you can’t see them most of the time. Alpha Air Corporation has provided Minnesota with duct cleaning for over 30 years, so when it’s time to cleanse out your home or business’ ducts, just give us a call.