Mold Growth and Your Air Conditioner: When to Call Professionals

Posted by Lisa Pixley

One of the areas of the home that mold is likely to develop is around the air conditioning system. Mold develops in moist areas, and the coil of your air conditioner is designed to collect condensation. This is good for you in many ways, as it makes the air a whole lot less humid. But the unfortunate occasional side effect is a bit of mold that may build up underneath the system.

Why Mold Grows in Your AC

As air from your home blows over the coil of your AC system, a heat exchange process allows the evaporator coil to cool. Like an ice cold glass of water on a hot day, condensation then collects outside of this coil from water vapor in the air. The condensation should drain underneath, but a number of issues could delay this process or cause water to leak, allowing mold the chance to develop.

The HVAC System Mold Remediation Process Is Difficult

Mold remediation becomes necessary when mold continues to spread, as this can lead to allergic reactions and other symptoms for you and your family members. The goal of this remediation is to do as little damage to the HVAC system as possible while still eliminating every instance of mold so that it does not have a chance to grow even more.

Only hire professionals if you want to remove the mold from your air conditioning system completely while preserving the integrity of the ventilation system as much as possible (and ensuring your safety). Experts know how to correctly seal and disconnect the system, which parts can be removed, and where to look. An indoor air quality specialist will seal the contaminated portions of the system in plastic bags and use only biocides that are approved for use on HVAC systems.

Call the mold remediation specialists on the Alpha Air Corporation team for services in the Minneapolis, MN area. Or schedule an HVAC system inspection with our experts to find out if mold is an issue in your ducts.

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