Caring for Your Ducts after Duct Cleaning Service: Advice from Our Experts

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Scheduling routine duct cleaning service with a professional indoor air quality specialist may improve the quality of the air in your home. But the ducts can only stay clean if you continue to take the proper steps for maintaining them after an air duct cleaning service is performed. Follow our tips for proper aftercare following comprehensive duct cleaning service, and see to it that your air quality remains up to your high standards.

  • Find a good filter – Make sure that you have a quality filter in place if you want to keep contaminants out of the ducts. Air filters have differing ratings for effectiveness, so look for a filter that is high up on the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) scale for the best results.
  • Change or clean the filter regularly – You should clean the filter (or change a disposable model) about once a month in order to protect your ducts from debris.
  • Keep your air conditioner and heater well-maintained – Besides changing the air filter regularly, good air conditioning maintenance involves cleaning the inside and outside coils, the blower components and the condensate drain. You may want to have an air conditioning and heating expert help you with this part.
  • Continue to have your system inspected – Regular professional HVAC system inspection by an indoor air quality expert can ensure that your ducts stay in the best condition possible so that dust and debris are unlikely to build up. This is particularly important for a large commercial or industrial HVAC system, though it can be valuable for any home.
  • Protect your ducts during any renovations – Planning a remodel or extensive renovations any time soon? Make sure that you keep your ducts protected. Cover up the vents so that any dust kicked up during the process cannot get inside.

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