Are You Neglecting Your Ductwork?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

One of the most important parts of any residential or commercial HVAC system is the ductwork. The ducts have just as much of an effect on the air conditioning and heating in your home as any other component. Just as a broken-down compressor will keep you from feeling any cool air in your home, a collapsed duct will keep cool air from entering a room. And yet, when we think about common air conditioning issues, we rarely consider the state of the ductwork.

There are a number of duct issues that can affect the condition of your air conditioning and heating equipment. Here are a few:

  • Dust – Any buildup of dust in the ductwork is a health concern, but it can also create friction that makes it difficult for air to move through your vents. This means the AC equipment has to work a lot harder, and it may increase your bills.
  • Debris – Larger debris in your ductwork blocks airflow into some rooms almost completely. In order to try to cool the whole home, your AC will work even harder.
  • Cracks and Holes – Most ducts actually have small leaks that allow air to escape and keep your AC equipment running a lot less efficiently.

We find that too many people don’t think about the condition of their ductwork until issues spiral out of control. Keep your ductwork in good shape by taking the proper preventive measures today. Here are three ways you can prevent problems with your ducts:

  • Schedule HVAC System Inspection – An inspection can help bring any major blockages or leaks to your attention.
  • Change Your Air Filter – The easiest way to protect your ducts and your air quality is by changing the filter regularly, but this won’t eliminate all of the most common contaminants from your air.
  • Consider Professional Duct CleaningIt’s not possible to completely clean out your ducts without the proper tools, so always allow a professional to handle this service.

Don’t neglect your ducts for any longer. Call the duct cleaning and HVAC system inspection specialists in Minneapolis, MN at Alpha Air Corporation today!

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