Can You Inspect Your Commercial HVAC System on Your Own?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Keeping a commercial property comfortable is one of the key factors in keeping employees and clientele productive and happy. So the commercial heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system on your property is key to running your business. A commercial HVAC system is complex, with large HVAC equipment and extensive ductwork which could encounter a number of issues over time. Proper maintenance and the occasional inspection help to keep the system running smoothly, but can you do this on your own?

Choose Professionals Who Use Robotic Camera Inspection

If there is a problem within your ductwork, it’s difficult to tell. The ducts are not usually visible to you, and even with exposed metal ducts you cannot always detect small leaks and cracks throughout the ductwork.

HVAC system inspection professionals may come equipped with robotic cameras that explore every inch of your ductwork, something you and your maintenance staff simply cannot handle on your own (nor are you likely to recognize when there is an issue). Addressing duct integrity issues is important because the ducts have a major effect on the health and wellness of the people in your building and the performance of your AC and heater.

Potential Problems with Your Ducts

A technician may notice any of the following problems with your ducts during a robotic camera inspection.

  • Dust – Dust and other allergens accumulate over time, and scheduling professional duct cleaning is the only way to keep it clean.
  • Blockage – There could be larger obstructions blocking the airflow to your building and forcing your AC and heating equipment to become overworked.
  • Cracks and Holes – This is a common problem in ducts that is difficult to detect without the proper equipment.
  • Collapsed Ductwork – In an extensive set of commercial ducts, it can be hard to detect even larger issues without the use of robotic cameras.
  • Poor Design – You may even find out that the design of your ducts is ineffective and interferes with the efficiency and performance of your HVAC equipment.

For most of these issues, you’ll need a professional to take a closer look in order to find the exact location of a problem and detail the issue and any potential solutions for you. Call Alpha Air Corporation today for robotic camera inspection in the Minneapolis area.

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