Think Your Ducts Are Safe from Dust and Debris? Think Again!

Posted by Lisa Pixley

You change the air filter in your duct system each month or every few months (depending on how large your home is and how often you use your heating and air conditioning system). This is supposed to help improve the quality of the air in your home. The filter traps small particles that may otherwise move into the ducts, many of which are common allergens and irritants.

So doesn’t this mean your ducts are clean? Not quite. Regardless of how well you care for your heating and air conditioning systems, the inside of your ducts may be far from spotless. Learn more about why in this short guide.

The Air Filter Is Not Just for Your Air Quality

As it turns out, air filters were not really designed to be used solely for your health. Actually, air filters help to protect your air conditioning and heating equipment from damage. The blower fan in your air handler sucks in air from your home in order to heat or cool it. If it were able to suck in debris along with this air, it could cause permanent damage to the unit. The air filter is designed to protect your HVAC system, which means small particles can still get through to the ductwork. Over time, this can really add up.

This Isn’t the Only Way Debris Enters Your Home

Something you should know is that a whole lot of dust enters your home every day. In fact, according to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, up to 40 pounds of dust can move through a building in a single day. And there are ways for this dust to enter the home besides through the filter. There may be cracks or holes in your ductwork (the typical home loses a lot of air through the air ducts) or it may just enter through the vents.

If there is dust anywhere in your home, it can easily be in the ducts as well. Don’t allow this buildup to enter your home. Call the professionals at Alpha Air Corporation for duct cleaning in the Minneapolis, MN area.

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