I’ve Heard Duct Cleaning Is a Scam: Is this True?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

We’ve heard this one before too, and we’re here to tell you this just isn’t true—most of the time. You always hope that the friendly technicians who’s shown up to your door is trustworthy and able to supply you with the services you need to stay more comfortable and keep the air in your home a little healthier.

Unfortunately, it is possible that your duct cleaners are scam artists. Scam artists often share the following traits:

  • They come to you rather than letting you approach them, coming to your door and/or leaving you fliers to warn you of the urgency of cleaning potential contaminants from your ducts.
  • They quote a low price, which seems unrealistic when compared to other local service companies’ pricing.
  • Once in the home, the price suddenly increases as problem after problem is discovered in the ducts.

Duct cleaning scam artists work by quoting extremely low prices and doing little or no real work when they are inside of a home, banking on the idea that the homeowner likely won’t realize they’ve made no impact on the ducts. They may continue to “find” serious issues within your ducts, which they likely still do nothing about, running machinery and seeming busy without actually accomplishing much.

Thankfully, there are still lots of great companies out there. So how can you avoid working with scam artists?

  • Check with the Better Business Bureau. The fast and easy way to identify a scam artist.
  • Make sure the company is certified through NADCA. The National Air Duct Cleaners Associations is an excellent certification to check for when looking for qualified companies in the industry.
  • Don’t pick a company based solely on pricing. We all like saving some money now and again but it’s not worth throwing away any money on a company that doesn’t do the work as promised.

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