Did You Know that Lint Could Destroy Your Home?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Yes, lint, the small fibers that come off your clothing, can do some major damage to the structure of your home. Unfortunately, lint is responsible for thousands of fires per year because so few homeowners know the importance of cleaning out the dryer vent that leads out of the home.

The fire could start at the dryer unit, and the flames may quickly spread throughout the home. Luckily, this problem is largely preventable when you hire experts for routine cleanings, like the people at Alpha Air Corporation.

Is Your Dryer at Risk?

Today, many dryer vents are poorly maintained or improperly installed. As homes are built faster and faster, more and more builders neglect the standards of duct design, making the dryer duct too short or even using the wrong materials. This can cause lint to build up in the vent quickly, and since the lint is so flammable, the dryer may one day burst into flames.

The best solution is to schedule dryer vent cleaning every year or every few years, depending on how quickly lint builds up in your ducts. Remember that any dryer may be at risk, so don’t assume your dryer is fine if you’re not noticing any issues. However, pay attention to signs that vent cleaning might be urgent.

  • Slow drying times
  • Excessive heat
  • Clothes that are still wet
  • A burning smell

In addition to regular dryer vent cleaning, follow these safety tips to keep lint from wreaking havoc.

  • Run the dryer for as short a time period as possible (which will also save you money).
  • Call an inspector to examine the dryer vents before purchasing a new home, and reconsider if not safely designed.
  • Check the outside part of the dryer vent for any visible signs of debris buildup, animal nests, and other blockage.
  • Clean the lint trap after every load of laundry.

Call Alpha Air Corporation to schedule dryer vent cleaning services in Minneapolis, MN.

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